MotoGP Malaysia J1 Debriefing Fabio Quartararo (Yamaha/7): First on worn tires etc.  (Integrity) - Paddock GP

MotoGP Malaysia J1 Debriefing Fabio Quartararo (Yamaha/7): First on worn tires etc. (Integrity) – Paddock GP

This Friday, October 21, 2022, fabio quartararo answered questions from journalists at the Sepang circuit after the first day of the Malaysian Grand Prix.

The Frenchman was the fastest rider this morning not using a new rear tire during the time trial attack, and overall he seems pleased with his day.

As usualwe report your words here without any formatting, even if it is partially translated (vouvoiement for English, tu for French).

Fabio, you rode well this morning, but it was a bit more difficult in the wet this afternoon…
fabio quartararo : “ Hmm… The first race was tough, so I stopped because I was skating like hell. Then on the second pass I went straight a lot faster. At the end I wanted to stop for the slicks but there were only six or seven minutes left and I didn’t want to stop just one or two laps. So I decided to continue, also because when it is almost dry but there are some patches, we always struggle with the wet tyres. I wanted to continue and it was pretty good in the end. So the first race was a disaster, but then it was much better. »

And dry?
Good ! It was a good feeling, especially since we decided to attack quite hard directly. The pace was 00.5 while the conditions this morning were disastrous: the grip was really very weak. I also think that compared to the test, when we do two days the coating is much better. But overall, I was quite satisfied with this day, and in particular this morning because I used the soft front tyre. In the end we used it because it had to be done to (maintain) the amount of media, and it turned out really well. »

So do you think that with the previous medium you could have done a little better?
Yes. We are very sensitive with the front tire. It is one of the first times that with the soft tire I can brake quite close to the middle and, at least, for stability and for my margin, not the time per lap but on the bike, it has been much better. Maybe not so much time trial, but more regular and (it was) much easier for me. »

Fabio, maybe tomorrow is the most important day of the season?
Yes, but you know, I don’t think like that: I think “yes, I know this is the most important qualifying of the year”, but in the end, from Qatar until now, I have always given everything I had to qualify well. So I think I have to stay in the same frame of mind. Of course, I have the “I have nothing to lose” mentality, but I already had it in Australia and Thailand for qualifying. So it won’t be a big change, but I’ll push myself to the limit. »

Are you having more fun? We saw you take Dorna’s camera…
Yes, it was fine. I was lucky to be able to talk to a few people because I always want to do more. For example, in Australia we did a very good qualifying but I didn’t enjoy it, because I don’t enjoy it when I’m P5 (laughs). I have fun when I’m at the front and currently I have to get that out of my head a bit, because we know we have some difficulties with the bike, and have fun! In the end that’s what I did today and especially this morning with the worn tires we were quick right away so I had a lot of fun today. »

This afternoon, during the first stint, was it a problem with the pressure of the front tyres?
Yeah, we had this kind of problem on the first run and we changed quite a bit for the second run, which was almost fine. Well, okay, the ones on the slicks were much faster, but compared to the ones on the wet tyres, I wasn’t that far behind. So I was pretty happy with that. »

Results of the MotoGP FP1/FP2 Malaysian Grand Prix at Sepang:

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