Inflation bonus: who is eligible in October 2022?

Inflation bonus: who is eligible in October 2022?

Inflation bonus: who is eligible in October 2022?

ENTRY BONUS 2022. The third payment of the inflation bond was made, as planned, in mid-October. Didn’t you get anything? Don’t be scared, we’ll explain everything to you.

[Mis à jour le 20 octobre 2022 à 09h44] Have you still not received the payment of the inflation bond even though you are convinced that you are one of the beneficiaries? Please note that delays are likely to occur, especially due to the processing time of transactions by your bank. This week, adults over 65 who receive the solidarity subsidy for older adults (Aspa), before the minimum age of old age, are concerned. In fact, the transfer (made on October 15), should arrive before the weekend to your bank account. Still a little patience.

As a reminder, this exceptional back-to-school bonus is intended for the most modest households and is part of the purchasing power law approved this summer by deputies and senators. 11 million homes are affected. The amount of this inflation bonus is 100 euros plus 50 euros per additional dependent child. For retirees affected by this payment in mid-October, the operation is carried out by the National Old Age Insurance Fund (CNAV). No action needs to be taken on your part, the payment is automatic because the payment organization knows your bank details. The last payment will be made in mid-November for the beneficiaries of the activity bonus. Here, the amount of aid will reach 28 euros plus 14 euros per dependent child.

And if there is a sector highly affected by inflation, it is food. You may have noticed during your checkout, your shopping cart has seen your budget explode in 2022. Here are the items that have borne the brunt of this price increase:

The emergency aid wanted by Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne is intended to help “the most modest“. The beneficiaries of certain social benefits such as PLAthe RSAME’AAH or thea spa you will benefit from it from the beginning of the 2022 school year. ALF and ALS recipients are also concerned. In reality, it is the poorest French who will be able to benefit from this new inflation bonus or exceptional back-to-school bonus, that is, about 11 million people. East exceptional back to school attendance will also benefit the scholarship students and to the beneficiaries of theSSA. Beneficiaries of solidarity income abroad (RAE), the benefit equivalent to a pension (EAR) and the simple allowance for older adults are also affected by the payment of the inflation bonus before the end of 2022.

The new aid to fight inflation and aimed at strengthening the purchasing power of the French desired by Elisabeth Borne will be paid directly into the bank account of the beneficiaries, from the start of the 2022 school year! The 10.8 million affected households should see a bank transfer appear from September 2022. From now on, the exact date has been set by the executive: the payment will be made on September 15, 2022. On the other hand, for the beneficiaries of the activity bonus, the payment will not be made until two months later, in November. Here is the full schedule depending on your home situation:

  • September 15 : beneficiaries of social minimums and scholarship students
  • September 27th : ASS beneficiaries and fixed monthly premium
  • mid october : Recipients of Aspa
  • Mid-November : beneficiaries of the activity bonus

Retirees are among the beneficiaries of the 100-euro inflation bonus in 2022. To claim it, it is necessary to collect the minimum old age (Aspa). The payment date for this exceptional back-to-school bonus has been set for mid-October. The correct receipt of the bank transfer may differ by several days depending on the transaction processing time used by your bank.

The recomposition of the National Assembly could slightly delay the Government’s intervention in the final details of the 100-euro inflation bonus paid in the fall of 2022, particularly with regard to the paying agencies. At the moment we do not know who pays the inflation bonus according to the status of the beneficiaries. Referring to the paying agencies of the first inflation bonus distributed to 38 million French people at the beginning of the year, here are who from Caf or Pôle Emploi, for example, will pay the new inflation bonus. At the moment, no decision has been made:

  • Coffee : recipients of social minimums
  • employment center : jobseekers
  • scholarship students : Cross
  • officials : Condition
  • Retired : CNAV
  • Employees : employer
  • independent : Ursaf

The amount of this new Borne inflation premium will reach 100 euros plus 50 euros per additional dependent child. “Specifically, the aid will amount to 200 euros for a household with two children”, indicates the executive in his press kit.

The recipients of the Active Solidarity Income (RSA) did receive the inflation bonus amounting to 100 euros. The payment was scheduled for September 15, 2022. RSA recipients also receive the 4% increase in their allocation linked to the implementation of the purchasing power law.

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