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Funeral insurance: for whom, how much, in what situation… what you should know

death benefit
Before contracting, it is essential to identify the guarantees that already exist and estimate the needs of those close to you in the event of death or disability (©Olivier Le Moal/AdobeStock)

Foresight: “the quality of someone who knows how to foresee and disposes accordingly. This is the definition given by the Larousse dictionary.

predict what will happen after our own deathIt’s not all fun, but since we’ll all face it one day and talking about it has never killed anyone, we might as well take it easy.

Not all housed in the same boat

The Evin law of 1989 establishes pension operations, whose objective is “to prevent and cover the risk of death, risks that affect the physical integrity of the person or related to maternity or risks of incapacity for work or risk of disability or unemployment.

As for the forecast, all employees are not housed in the same boat. Indeed, since 1947, the National Collective Bargaining Agreement for Executives obliges the employer to sign a pension contract for its managerial staff, including at least one death guarantee that allows the beneficiaries to pay a capital whose amount is calculated on the basis based on a percentage of annual salary.

For executives, the contribution is the exclusive responsibility of the employers and is used, as a priority, to cover the risk of death.

collective pension

The situation has evolved since the post-war period. the collective pension is mandatory in many activities such as road transport, construction, metallurgy or even technical design offices and consulting companies.

In almost all private sectors, sector agreements or collective agreements now include a provident fund, the purpose of which is to supplement the benefits provided by the compulsory scheme. Includes at least:

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  • death: capital payment to beneficiaries (or additional capital if death is accidental)
  • total or partial disability: payment of a supplementary pension to that of Social Security
  • work stoppage: payment of diets
  • maternity: payment of diets

The collective contribution to the pension is generally shared between the employer and the employee.. But some companies fully cover the cost of pension provision.

single pension

Even if you benefit from life insurance coverage as part of the guarantees provided by your company, nothing prevents you from taking out individual insurance and benefiting from profit accumulation. However, the amount of benefits cannot exceed usual earnings.

The claims offered under individual contracts can be very different. Therefore, before signing a contract, it is essential list warranties already existing and conduct a needs assessment relatives in case of death or disability.

Depending on the options chosen, it implies the payment of an amount of money in the event of death or total and irreversible loss of autonomy. This amount is based on the actual salary of the insured. It may be increased in the event of death by accident or total and irreversible loss of autonomy by accident.

It can also be a pension paid to the spouse or intended for the education of the children.


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