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Gas, electricity: do we pay more on our bills by choosing monthly installments?

There are several types of direct debits for your gas and electricity bills.
There are several types of direct debits for your gas and electricity bills. (©Pixavril / AdobeStock)

The invoice Energy you call, and you have to look at it to save some money. All means are good to reduce expenses.

In this context, one might be tempted to change the billing method: based on actual consumption each month or monthly payment during the year.

Can you really save? via these different liens? I was looking to find out.

What are the different payment methods?

Let’s recap: there are several direct debit methods for your electricity or gas bills.

  • A monthly bill, based on actual consumption

This is mainly offered to people with a Linky or Gazpar meter. This billing method allows you to pay only for the energy consumed.

  • One bill every two months

There is another possibility, that of pay your bill every two months with two possibilities depending on the equipment installed in your home.

If you have a communicating meter (Linky, Gazpar) you receive, “every two months, an invoice calculated from a consumption declaration,” says the national energy ombudsman on its site.

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If you don’t have a communicating meter, you can send self-readings from your meter to your energy provider to avoid having bills based on estimates. In both cases, your provider will give you a reading with a technician who will come and write down the consumption indicated by your meter.

  • a monthly bill

If you want smooth your energy bills, you can choose to pay them monthly. In this case, your energy provider provides you with a schedule, with bills every month (or every two months if applicable) based on consumption forecasts.

you pay all the time the same amount and after a year the operator makes an adjustment to know if you have consumed more than estimated, or less. You will have to pay the excess or you can be reimbursed, depending on.

And your bills will be adapted to actual consumption.

Are there any advantages to any of these billing methods?

So you have the option of your billing, but what is the most advantageous ? “It’s really a practical matter,” he explains to François Carlier, General Delegate of CLCV (Consumer Housing Living Environment).

The advantage of monthly payment is that prices are smoothed throughout the year.

Francois CarlierGeneral Delegate of the CLCV

understand, there is no price change, except at the time of regularization. “There is a view of the whole year, and the bills are distributed to avoid a painful one”, specifies the general delegate of the consumer association.

According to him, the main expenditure of energy is between November and March. If you choose real consumption you will pay more at this time of year, but less in summer.

There are big bills in December and February, for example, but with the actual price, you quickly realize how much you use. We see the effects of a milder winter, or if we change a heater.

Francois CarlierGeneral Delegate of the CLCV

The CLCV recommends opting for regulated rates

Contacted by, the CLCV, through its general delegate, François Carlier, believes that it is necessary to choose regulated electricity prices (gas prices are no longer accessible to new customers, Editor’s Note).

“Some are a little cheaper than EDF (the only one that offers regulated tariffs, Editor’s Note), but there is contractual insecurity beyond regulated tariffs. There can be a strong increase, and the consumer is not warned only by email, which sometimes ends up in spam,” reports François Carlier, who tells us that he has received many complaints from dissatisfied customers. “The risk [avec des petits opérateurs] is to see your bill explode”.

Beware of urgent regulations

Therefore, you have the keys to choose your billing method. However, François Carlier, when we contacted him, made a warning about a danger linked to the monthly payment.

“More operators small, EDF’s competitors, offered lower monthly payments based on lower consumption estimates. After a year, they made an important regulation and revised the monthly payments upwards ”, François Carlier gets angry.

A kind of advantageous call price at the beginningwhich in the long run was counterproductive for the consumer.

When energy prices skyrocketed, in connection with the war in Ukraine, some “small operators made emergency regulations,” the CLCV general delegate told us. Normally it is once a year.

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