Gotham Knights: You don't need Batman to make a great action-adventure game!

Gotham Knights: You don’t need Batman to make a great action-adventure game!

A Batman game without Batman… This is the promise that Warner Games made to the fans who have been waiting for 7 long years, and the release of Arkham Knight, a new Batman game. The pill was hard for some to swallow and the criticism was not long in coming before they had the game in their hands. Finally, is Gotham Knights a worthy successor to the Dark Knight?


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The revelation is surprising, not to say amazing, but it will take some getting used to. Batman is really dead in Gotham Knights, and is not part of a multi-drawer plan devised by Bruce Wayne. The announcement of his death has direct repercussions in the city of Gotham, which literally sinks into total chaos. Criminals of all kinds grow their wings and regain control of the different districts of Gotham. The most emblematic villains of the Batman universe are not far behind, and come out of the shadows, only to carry out their Machiavellian plans.

Among them, of course, is Harley Quinn and other cult characters whose names we will keep quiet so as not to spoil, even if the studio has already revealed them all… or almost. Given the rise in crime, Batman’s cronies decide to take over. Batgirl, Nightwing, Red Hood and Robin, along with longtime allies, don the costume, determined to cleanse Gotham City and especially lift the veil on the mystery surrounding their mentor’s death. A legendary and ancient organization would lead the city in the shadows, and would be responsible for the disappearance of Bruce Wayne. This organization… is the Court of Owls.

Gotham Knights: You don't need Batman to make a great action-adventure game!


“Gotham is a fully-fledged character in the game.” Some people use this cliché indiscriminately, but in the case of Gotham Knights, it’s simply true. The bat family would be nothing without the city they were sworn to protect, and the reverse is also true. Gotham City here is dark, dirty, grimy, sweaty and gothic, and shines brightly with lighting inspired by neo-noir movies and neon lights. This gives a special cache to this vision of Gotham never seen before, neither in a video game nor in a movie, even if the images of The Batman with the Battison get a little closer to it.

The Gotham imagined by the artists promises to be the largest ever built, and there is no doubt about that after having traveled up and down the city. This port city really does spread over acres, and consist of a multitude of islands connected by bridges that allows developers to show more and more detail in the areas visited. After Gotham looks skyward with its skyscrapers to provide an ideal playground for our heroes. that use the famous hook to cut the air. It is also possible and very pleasant to stay on the ground and ride the Batcycle -Batman’s motorcycle- to speed through the streets of the city.

Technically speaking, Gotham Knights dominates its theme. and gives credit to PlayStation 5, Xbox Series and PC. He clearly has nothing to be ashamed of when he goes up against the competition. On the contrary, in addition to its polished visuals, Gotham Knights offers a smooth experience on all the machines it is intended for. OKAY, on home consoles, the game is captured at 30 frames per second, and still suffers from some framerate drops when crossing a bridge, but otherwise… nothing to complain about. On PC, however, gamers can enjoy the long-awaited 60 frames per second and set up the game for the best possible experience, although it can be a bit fiddly to set up.

Gotham Knights: You don't need Batman to make a great action-adventure game!

how to play

In video games, there is “game”. Therefore, it is time to tackle the gameplay of Gotham Knights, which is based on three pillars: investigation, infiltration and combat. Too often adaptations of Batman have stopped at the fighting side of him and quickly exploit the drawbacks without looking at the other qualities of him. Batman is originally a detective (the D in DC is there for Detective and stands for Batman), and he shows it in Gotham Knights. Finally… it’s his acolytes who taste it during investigation phases a little too guided, but that have the merit of highlighting the detective skills of our heroes. Nothing fancy about that! They examine crime scenes, identify clues and then collate them to determine upcoming missions, but this allows you to vary the pleasures between two “Action” sequences.

Our security guards know how to use brute force when the situation calls for it. Gotham Knights makes it a point of honor to turn its heroes into accomplished warriors, and the combat system is in line with this. It’s inspired in particular by Marvel’s Spider-Man saga, rather than Arkham, and relies on a mix of dodges, combos, and abilities. Result nervous, accessible and technical confrontations from which a true sense of power emerges. Learning is done the hard way, in the fray. Mastering the combat system is even more exciting. But, because there is a but… and it is one of the only drawbacks in terms of the game. The camera tends to wander at times. This is just an issue at times, and doesn’t detract from the joy of fighting in Gotham Knights.

The infiltration is not left out, and completes the formula with precision. Watchers can choose to stay in the shadows… or not… and stealthily take out enemies using a variety of gadgets and abilities. It is recommended to tag enemies, disable cameras and silence any threats without being detected. Depending on the character selected, these sequences gain depth and opportunity. Batgirl and Robin are preferred during infiltration phases, unlike Red Hood who is built for combat. Stealth is fun in Gotham Knightsthough enemy intelligence is still artificial.

Let’s finish with a great classic of modern video games… the RPG overlay that is supposed to accentuate the feeling of immersion. In Gotham Knights, these RPG mechanics aren’t just gimmicks. They have a real impact on gameplay and how you approach missions. Even better, they are at the origin of a real feeling of empowerment of the heroes. Our vigilantes unlock new abilities mission after mission, but also costumes and weapons that allow them to face ever more powerful and dangerous enemies.

Gotham Knights: You don't need Batman to make a great action-adventure game!


Gotham Knights draws inspiration from a Batman story arc particularly beloved by readers, the Court of Owls. However, the studio does not suit the box close to this comic. On the contrary, he voluntarily distances himself from her to propose an epic and inspired story that should please fans. However, you don’t need to know the Batman universe inside out to fully enjoy Gotham Knights. The uninitiated will probably miss some scripting niceties and other winks during the adventure… period.

The developers put the pack together to tell the drama hitting the Batfamily. The staging never skimps on the visually impeccable cinematics and less on the effects to do justice to the fierce fight between the Knights of Gotham and the Evil that eats away at the city. Speaking of Evil, the writers delve into the source material… the comics… to enrich the various intrigues, including that of the Court of Owls and Harley Quinn. Nevertheless, the conspicuous absence of some iconic villains from the franchise should make even the most demanding fans cringe.

Gotham Knights: You don't need Batman to make a great action-adventure game!


With four heroes available to players with as many ways to approach each mission, Gotham Knights already provides the essentials…real replayability. The adventure, which takes about twenty hours to complete, varies depending on which character you decide to play. The 4 vigilantes have very different styles and play differently, even if the basics of the game remain the same. Nightwing plays acrobats. Robin shows discretion. Batgirl is a tough guy. Finally, Red Hood favors brute force and ranged weapons.

Gotham Knights differs from previous “Batman” games in its multiplayer focus. Indeed, is fully playable alone or cooperatively with 2 players, and the developers have thought of everything. Neither player is required to follow the other. The two heroes can split up to solve various crimes in the same Gotham City, the same instance of the game, before teaming up to complete a specific mission. In game terms, cooperation translates into necessarily elegant combo attacks and boss fights that vary depending on whether you’re alone or accompanied by an ally.

The main story, as well as the various villain-focused story arcs, are likely to keep you busy for several nights, and that’s not counting the multitude of premeditated or opportunistic crimes that take place in the city. Each patrol is synonymous with robberies, thefts and hostage takings that cannot go unpunished. And as if that wasn’t enough, Gotham is full of Batarangs to find, and even Batcycle races to put your racing skills to the test. On paper, Gotham Knights seems bustling with activity, which is true, but in reality, these side quests and crimes end up repeating themselves too muchMainly at the end of the adventure.

Gotham Knights: You don't need Batman to make a great action-adventure game!


Batman is dead, and yet his legend lives on. Gotham Knights ticks all the boxes for the ambitious and masterful action-adventure game. While not perfect, this game offers fans a superhero epic worthy of the name, and that’s the point.

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