How to reduce the electricity and water consumption of the dishwasher to optimize its energy efficiency?

How to reduce the electricity and water consumption of the dishwasher to optimize its energy efficiency?

With the prices of fuel, many services, electricity and water still on the rise and wages with little or no change, we are all looking for ways to reduce the bill as much as possible. And if saving money from greedy electricity consumers like your heating and hot water tank is next to impossible, improving the energy efficiency of other common appliances is much easier. For example, reducing the water and electricity consumption of the dishwasher is easy, as long as you know the tricks. What are the right things to do to reduce the kWh and liters used by this handy device? We examine the topic in detail…

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Depending on the specific model and its energy label, the average consumption of a dishwasher is 260 kWh and 3,360 liters per year. Thus, if you wash the dishes by machine 4 or 5 times a week, you add about 50 euros to the total annual bill. It’s not too much, right? But using the well thought out device can cost you even less! Even better, exploiting it as recommended below extends its life, saving you even more money!

Use (almost always) eco mode

how to reduce consumption dishwasher water electricity energy efficiency

Most dishwashers are advantageously equipped with the so-called ecological program, often marked with a green leaf. However, many users choose to ignore it, because the wash cycle in this mode seems too long. Actually, although the time is longer, during this cycle the dishwasher consumes less hot water and less energy. Your dishes also stay covered in soap longer.

Compared to a regular cycle, eco mode uses 30% less energy and 25% less water on average! However, if you mainly load pans, dishes and pots with encrusted residue, it is better to use the automatic cycle to reduce the consumption of the dishwasher. This activates sensors that measure how dirty the dishes are and optimize the cycle accordingly.

Only throw full charges

how to reduce consumption dishwasher water electricity bill energy efficiency

You can reduce the consumption of the dishwasher and therefore save a lot of money simply by waiting for the appliance to be full before turning it on. Sometimes it is necessary to start with a half charge, but do your best to keep them to an absolute minimum. If necessary, fill in the gaps with surprising, but acceptable, machine-washable items. Keep in mind that correctly distributing the items in the baskets also contributes to the saving effect we are looking for…

Optimum distribution and reduced dishwasher consumption

reduce consumption dishwasher water electricity low bill energy efficiency

Do you know where to put what to reduce the consumption of the dishwasher and increase its longevity? Store plates vertically without overlapping, cutlery in the cutlery basket dirty side down, cups and bowls at an angle so they get enough cleanser and water without taking up the entire compartment at the same time.

Do not stack items because the jets will not be able to reach them and you will have to wash them a second time. When in doubt, consult the user manual which is usually full of illustrations showing where to put what. The default is to put the battery and dirtiest items at the bottom and the rest, including plastic boxes, at the top.

Why not rinse the dishes first?

reduce consumption dishwasher water electricity bill energy efficiency

Not pre-rinsing the plates is another useful strategy that doesn’t actually reduce the dishwasher’s consumption, but it still saves you water and electricity. If you are used to rinsing dishes with hot or lukewarm water before placing them in the machine, you can save almost 20% energy by skipping this faulty practice!

Simply throw leftover food in the trash or clean the plates with the napkins you used during the meal before throwing them away. And what about dishes with stubborn food scraps? Simply soak them in cold water before putting them in the dishwasher.

Reduce your bill by taking advantage of off-peak hours

reduce machine water electricity consumption low bill off-peak hours

Another little trick that helps reduce the amount spent on electrical energy is to turn on the dishwasher during off-peak hours. While you wait for periods of low consumption, you can benefit from a lower electricity rate and save money. So wait just before bed or take advantage of the delay start button that can delay the start of the wash cycle for up to 24 hours.

Other tips to reduce the consumption of the dishwasher

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Turning off the dishwasher when you’re not using it is another nice gesture that lowers your bill. Newer models turn off automatically once the cycle is complete, but if your device isn’t new, it probably won’t go to sleep on its own. Then turn it off to make the dishwasher’s electricity consumption even more modest. Finally, regular cleaning of the device is another factor that prolongs its life while optimizing its energy efficiency.

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