LIVE - F1, Singapore Grand Prix: Leclerc on pole, Verstappen just 8th

LIVE – F1, Singapore Grand Prix: Leclerc on pole, Verstappen just 8th

The complete ranking of the qualifiers

1. Leclerc (Ferrari)
2. Perez (Red Bull)
3.Hamilton (Mercedes)
4. Sainz (Ferrari)
5. Alonso (Alpine)
6. Norris (McLaren)
7. Gasly (Alpha Tauri)
8. Verstappen (Red Bull)
9. Magnussen (Haas)
10. Tsunoda (AlphaTauri)
11. Russell (Mercedes)
12. Walk (Aston Martin)
13. Schumacher (Haas)
14.Vettel (Aston Martin)
15.Zhou (Alfa Romeo)
16. Bottas (Alfa Romeo)
17. Ricardo (McLaren)
18. Ocon (Alpine)
19. Albon (Williams)
20. Latifi (Williams)

Verstappen was effectively a victim of lack of fuel

Red Bull confirms having asked Max Verstappen to pit due to lack of fuel.

As a reminder, it is not authorized to stop the car on the track after qualifying in case of fuel shortage. The regulations also require that single-seaters can be checked in with a minimum amount of fuel on board.

Lack of fuel for Verstappen?

The Red Bull engineer did not give any explanations on the radio, but Canal+ consultant Romain Grosjean suspects a lack of fuel (single-seaters must finish qualifying with a certain minimum volume of fuel, as required by regulations).

Q3 – Pole for Leclerc, Verstappen only 8th!

Incredible, Max Verstappen does not finish his last lap and returns to the pits at the request of his team! However, he was early! Here he is only 8th, while Charles Leclerc will start from pole ahead of Pérez.

The Dutchman expresses a black anger on the radio against his team and asks for explanations. His engineer says that he will let you know later.

The classification of Q3:
1. Leclerc
2. Perez
4. Sainz
5. Alonzo
7. gaseous
9. Magnussen

Q3 – The checkered flag!

Last attempts are launched!

Q3 – Alonso is in good shape

His best time was just taken from him by Leclerc, but the Asturian is a credible candidate for the first two rows, or even pole position.

Q3 – One minute left

Warm up the tires for the final round.

Q3 – Qualifying three minutes from the end

3. Perez
4. Leclerc
5. Sainz
6. Alonzo
9. gaseous
10. Magnussen

Q3 – Verstappen closes in on Hamilton

The world leader is three tenths behind Hamilton, despite a foul before the last corner that almost ended his session.

Q3 – Gasly makes a mistake

Triggers a double yellow flag, but you can start over. I’m not sure you can warm up your tires. It’s the ninth right now.

Q3 – The times are collapsing!

Hamilton is impressive: 1:51.019. Leclerc is second with +0.862.

Q3 – The pilots continue

Contrary to the usual, the pilots chained the laps with the same tires.

Q3 – Hamilton hits hard

That’s it, the slicks are fully working: Hamilton puts everyone more than two seconds behind (1:53.082).

Q3 – Tsunoda is ahead of Verstappen!

With his middle men, Tsunoda is the fastest on the track right now! His AlphaTauri ran at 1:55.170.

Q3 – Verstappen sets the first time

1:56.940 with his slicks.

Q3 – Tsunoda and Magnussen remain as intermediates

They are the only ones who have made this prudent choice.

Q3 – Everyone on slicks!

Verstappen and Sainz take to the track with the red rubber. Leclerc is making the change.

Let’s go for the 12 minutes of Q3.

Q2 – Vettel: “It was too early”

“It was too early to put on the slicks,” lamented Vettel on the radio. But third-quarter participants undoubtedly watched Aston Martin’s telemetry very closely.

Q2 – Russell eliminated at the gates of Q3

Hard blow for Russell, who finished with the 11th fastest time. As for the Aston Martin bet, it didn’t work out. Good performance on the other hand from Magnussen, who hoisted his Haas in Q3.

Leclerc finished first, ahead of Hamilton and Verstappen. Alonso is 5th, Gasly 7th.

Those eliminated from Q2:
11-Russell (Mercedes)
12 – Walk (Aston Martin)
13 – Schumacher (Haas)
14 – Vettel (Aston Martin)
15 – Zhou (Alfa Romeo)

Q2 – Russell returns

He is seventh, almost two seconds behind Leclerc (1:52.343).

Q2 – Stroll in trouble with his slicks

The experience is not conclusive at the moment, he almost hit the wall at turn 13.

Q2 – Qualifying three minutes from the end

top 5: Leclerc, Hamilton, Verstappen, Perez, Sainz.

Red zone: Schumacher, Magnussen, Zhou, Russell, Tsunoda.

Q2 – Leclerc finally stays in the intermissions, but Aston Martin passes the slicks

Ferrari forces Leclerc to start again in intermediates, but Stroll and Vettel stop to put on soft tires!

Four minutes left.

Q2 – Leclerc asks for slicks!

Leclerc will return to the pits to pass the tires on a dry track! At the moment, all the other pilots, including those who have just left, are on intermission.

Q2 – Ocon: “The car pulled to the right when braking”

Esteban Ocon on the microphone of Canal+: “Today we missed several things. The problem with the brakes was the main cause, the car pulled to the right when braking. We weren’t pushing, we were in traffic and we were waiting for the correct window”. Except it wasn’t good anymore. It’s hard to overtake in the race here, but things are going to happen with these new cars.”

“It doesn’t dry out, there are places where it’s dry, but others where it’s completely wet. There are chances that the whole qualifying session will be intermediate.”

Q2 – We went below minute 53

1:52.343 right now for Leclerc, 1:52.723 for Verstappen. One more confirmation that the track gains speed minute by minute.

There are eight minutes left in this Q2.

Q2 – Leclerc: “It dries pretty quickly”

Should we expect slick tires for Q3, or even the end of Q2?

Q2 – Come on, again with intermediaries

Obviously the track is not completely dry yet. The pilots leave with the intermediate tires.

Q1 – Ocon eliminated!

Esteban Ocon does not pass in Q2! The alpine pilot only set the 18th time (1:56.337). His partner Fernando Alonso is 9th (1: 55.360). The ordeal also continues for Daniel Ricciardo, 17th in his McLaren, while Lando Norris narrowly escapes in 15th place.

Q1 was dominated by Verstappen (1:53.057), ahead of Hamilton (+0.1) and Leclerc (+1.1).

Those eliminated from Q1:
16 – Bottas (Alfa Romeo)
17 – Ricciardo (McLaren)
18 – Ocon (Alpine)
19 – Albon (Williams)
20 – Latifi (Williams)

Q1 – One minute left

Hamilton has just regained the lead in the standings, in 1:53.1. That’s a second faster than the second Leclerc. He expects many upheavals.

Q1 – Haas recovers well

On fresh intermediate tyres, Magnussen moved up to sixth and Schumacher to tenth.

Two minutes left.

Q1 – Verstappen almost crashed

The Dutchman barely caught up with his car which had gone wide at Turn 9. The wing was not far from the wall.

Three minutes from the end, the top 5: Leclerc, Verstappen, Pérez, Sainz, Hamilton. In the red zone: Tsunoda, Albon, Latifi, Magnusse, Schumacher.

Q1 – Verstappen takes the lead

Verstappen clocked 1:54.395, ahead of Hamilton (+0.294) and Leclerc (+0.659). Gasly is ninth, Ocon tenth.

For now, Latifi, Bottas, Ricciardo, Magnussen and Schumacher are in the red zone.

7 minutes left.

Q1 – Some small bugs

The weak adhesion played a trick on Charles Leclerc and Mick Schumacher, who made a mistake, without consequences.

Q1 – The track is changing fast

Charles Leclerc takes the lead in the standings with a time of 1:55.054. This is eight tenths better than George Russell, currently second.

Q1 – The first reference time for Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton completed his lap in 1.56.937.

Q1 – The track is still wet in some places

In the first sector, the track is dry, which could be a problem for the temperature of the intermediate tires. But the tight corner in the second sector is, for example, very wet and the grip is weak.

Q1 – Come on!

While waiting for the green light, the cars were already waiting at the end of the pit lane.

Even if the track looks dry, it turns out it’s still wet in places, all seven cars on track have fitted intermediate tyres.

20% chance of rain

The track is no longer soaked, after the heavy rain that preceded the third practice session. A priori, the classification should not be disturbed by the sky, with the risk of precipitation being only 20%, according to the FIA.

Leclerc ahead of Verstappen for final practice

Charles Leclerc set the fastest time in the 3rd free practice session, interrupted by heavy rain in Singapore.

After ten laps completed by the drivers, at nightfall in the city-state, the world championship dolphin was half a second ahead of the leader Verstappen. Promising before the qualifiers that begin at 3:00 p.m.

Toto Wolff and Mattia Binotto join forces against Red Bull

Appearing quite complicit at the exit of a paddock meeting at the Singapore Grand Prix on Friday night, team bosses Toto Wolff (Mercedes) and Mattia Binotto (Ferrari) put together an alliance of circumstances against Christian Horner and Red Bull . The two strongmen have every intention of putting intense media pressure on the International Automobile Federation (FIA) to impose an exemplary sanction on the team of world champion Max Verstappen, suspected of having greatly exceeded the budget cap for the incredible 2021 Formula 1 season.

>>> We tell you everything here

Verstappen world champion this weekend if…

Six races from the end of the championship, the identity of the crowned future is not in doubt. Victorious 11 times out of 16, Verstappen is 116 points ahead of Charles Leclerc (Ferrari) and 125 over his teammate Sergio Pérez (Red Bull).

It remains to know the place of the coronation. With its night racing, intractable street circuit and extreme physical conditions, Singapore and its skyscrapers would provide a spectacular setting for a new title.

If Verstappen wins at Marina Bay, where he has never won before, and at the same time Leclerc finishes ninth and Pérez fourth (without taking the point for the fastest lap), then he would be the title holder for the second time in a row. .

boiling red bull

Max Verstappen’s first title could be a little more disputed in the coming weeks. According to Auto Motor and Sportthe F1 paddock believes that Red Bull has exceeded the budget cap for the 2021 season. The FIA ​​is due to communicate this soon.

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