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Income tax: here is the point that must be corrected to make real savings

You can now access the correction tool statement of income. With that said, there is one specific point you need to address. Do not neglect it anymore, because it can allow you to make significant savings. We tell you everything in this article.

The mileage scale

Faced with sky-high prices, who doesn’t want to save money right now? Well, know that there are some that can be done. Savings that many French do not even suspect. Several months have passed since the tax return is closed.

However, you can still make corrections to yours. In fact, there is one point that you, like many taxpayers, need to consider more carefully. The Castex government had promised 150 euros in savings for 2.5 million tax households.

It was in January 2022. Savings to be made via the 10% revaluation of the mileage scale. The latter, as MoneyVox points out, is used to deduct the actual costs that were later announced. The lump-sum allowance of 10% must represent the current expenses derived from the professional activity.

This is to establish the amount of tax that must be paid. If many households adopt this reduction, deduction of actual costs sometimes it can be more advantageous. It would allow tax households make savings. This saving is only made by declaring round trips between the place of work and home.

However, this is a little known option. However, if you calculated what this could generate, you realize that the costs actually spent are more than 10% of income. It is necessary to calculate with the help of the scale proposed by the tax administration to find out.

The deadline to correct your statement

A taxpayer spends some expense as part of your daily business trips. To assess these costs, the tax authorities take into account several factors. These include the costs of depreciation, repair and maintenance of the vehicle.

But also tire costs, fuel consumption and insurance premiums. It is according to the type of vehicle (two wheels or car) that the scales are adapted. But also the power of it.

Before making your calculations, it is best to find out about the right one. That being the case, how much time is left before the end of the correction period? Therefore, for many households, calculating the actual cost deduction can be particularly advantageous.

However, the income tax correction tool only temporarily available. Therefore, it is important to do it before the deadline. The latter is set for December 14, 2022, so you have just over two months left.

As a reminder, it is from August 3, 2022 that you can correct your tax return. This can be done online at the government website dedicated to taxes. Go to this site and click on the tab “access the correction online”. Then you just have to make the desired corrections and validate everything.

Taxes: What It Can and Can’t Fix

You can only correct items related to income tax online. Between these, information about your incomeyour dependents, dependents, reductions and tax credits, etc.

That said, there are certain elements that you will not be able to correct online. Namely, your contact details, your address, your marital status and others. He may have made a mistake on his online filing of a change in marital status.

Like marriage, PACS breakup, divorce, or death. In this case, you must communicate it through the section “secure messaging”. You can access this section through your private space on the website dedicated to taxes.

To report a change of address, go to ” My profile “ in category ” My personal information “. He is in his private space. As a reminder, you must activate your “special space” on the tax website for correct your tax return online.

To do this, you must use France Connect or enter the following three identifiers:

  • Your tax number made up of 13 digits. You can find this number at the top of the first page of your tax return and on your most recent tax notice.
  • Your online access number consisting of 7 digits. This is located at the top of the first page of your paper tax return.
  • Your reference tax income. it’s in the frame “your references” of your last income tax notice.

Taxes: To know after the tax return

What happens when you have finished your tax return? Well, you will immediately receive a confirmation email. An acknowledgment of receipt is also available to you in your private space. is in the section “Check my personal tax situation”.

Without need to submit supporting documents. However, it is better to keep them carefully. In fact, if the tax authorities so request, you must be able to communicate these documents.

Also, once your return is completeor your tax decreases or increases:

  • If the tax decreases, you will receive corrected tax notice. After the changes you have declared, this rectified tax notice will inform you of the relief granted in your favor. under the label “amount of your net tax”this tax notice will mention the final amount to be paid. If you have already paid your income tax, the overpayment will be refunded . Otherwise, the “amount of your net tax” that appears in this new notice is the only one to be settled.
  • If the increase is, you will receive a new tax notice. The latter will take into account the corrections you have declared. This tax notice will mention the final amount to be paid. This amount will be payable within the terms according to the payment conditionsmentioned in the notice.

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