According to Kameto, the LEC is dragging the World Cup level down and hurting the competition

According to Kameto, the LEC is dragging the World Cup level down and hurting the competition

These League of Legends Worlds 2022 have particularly hurt European teams, as only one in four teams have managed to qualify for the playoffs. Kameto was harshly critical of the level of LEC teams during this tournament, in particular suggesting that Riot should remove a spot to give to the Koreans and Chinese.

European teams are very bad.

With the LCL package, a league on hold since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Europe, as the third-best region behind China and South Korea, sent four representatives to League of Legends Worlds 2022; namely Rogue, G2 Esports, Fnatic and MAD Lions, with two of them having to go through the Play-In stage to try and join the group stage of the Main Event. The first valuation of the LEC teams in these World Championships is relatively dire, the results recorded during the tournament are undoubtedly the lowest recorded in many years.

4th seed MAD Lions were eliminated by Evil Geniuses following their 0-3 loss at the Play-In – Knockout Stage, Fnatic and G2 Esports were unable to advance past the main group stage event, collapsing entirely in the second legs and finishing 3. in their respective groups, and Rogue, the only team qualified for the playoffs, took a severe beating in the quarterfinals by JD Gaming, the current LPL champion, bowing with a score of 0-3 and thus being out of the first round. of the playoffs. Team results aside, if we focus on the group stage of the Main Event, the LEC representatives register a record of 6 wins for 3 losses in the first matches, and 1 win for 9 losses in the second matches; even Rogue, who made it out of the groups, won only one of their comeback matches out of three played, and even lost their playoff match against DRX for first place in Group C.

As expected and as expected, the criticism was quite virulent a few days, and especially after the debacle in the group stage of the Main Event, each one coming from their own opinion to explain such a level of play by these 4 teams with, in particular, a serious questioning of the European league format. In a recent survey we published On twitter, the result of MAD Lions is the one that disappointed you the most in this tournament; between the team failing to make it to the Main Event and being eliminated by a North American team, the pill is certainly hard to swallow at this point given the context, as Nisqy’s very qualification and streak in these championships has been called into question a couple times.

This is what Kameto, the co-founder and CEO of the French structure Karmine Corp, tried to express in one of his streams, considering that Europe drags the level down and that the competition does not only become interesting once the Asian teams play each. other.

As we told you before, the LEC should have sent three teams this year, but an additional slot was given to the European league after the loss of the LCL league and Riot Games decided to give the slot to the top league that doesn’t already have four teams. ; this fourth place finish was awarded to the team that finished in fourth place at the end of the Summer Split playoffs. After a series of circumstances, this place was finally awarded to MAD Lions, and this, without the team winning any Bo5 of the Split (not even of the whole season in their case).

Having finished in 7th place in the Spring Split (not qualified for the playoffs) and 2nd place at the end of the regular season in the Summer Split, MAD Lions finished in 3rd place in the Championship points standings, behind G2 Esports and Rogue; this result secured him a place at the top (Winners’Bracket) of the summer season playoffs. With G2 Esports having won their match against the Misfits, MAD Lions went straight into the third round of the Losers’Bracket after their loss against Rogue, ensuring they finished the season in at least fourth place and thus validating their ranking. for the 2022 World Cup, without winning a single match; this is where some people in the community start complaining, pointing out that LEC officials could (or should) have held regional finals for the allocation of the European 4th seed for these World Championships, in the same way as South Korea ( LCK) or China (LPL).

Either way, what’s done is done, and we’ll see if the new LEC format launching next year will raise the overall level of European teams to the forefront of the international scene, and thus literally send top teams to the World Cups, as well as the MSI.

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