Champions League, Tottenham: problems ahead for Antonio Conte

Champions League, Tottenham: problems ahead for Antonio Conte

What’s next after this announcement?

“The boss always wants more, more, more and as a player I want to follow his path, otherwise you know what will happen. If we don’t follow it, we know we’re in trouble. We have to follow him, there is no option because he is a winner and I think that’s what we do: sacrifice ourselves and make things difficult.” dropped Heung-min Son in early October. By installing a huge requirement and fostering a certain team mentality from him, Antonio Conte was able to get Tottenham back on track. Fourth last year after a solid end to the season, the London club are currently third in the Premier League and first in their Champions League group with 1 point advantage over Marseille and Sporting and 3 over ‘Eintracht Frankfurt. A very interesting assessment for the Italian coach who is, however, walking on eggshells at the moment. Although his extension could come quickly, but it is not yet effective, the 53-year-old coach reaches the end of his contract at the end of the season and remains in two defeats against Manchester United (2-0) and Newcastle (2 ). -1). Nothing to worry about against teams that are sixth and fourth in the Premier League respectively.

However, the criticisms are numerous and point to a style considered too defensive by the Spurs, as well as the difficulties to perform in the big games. The London club did not win against Chelsea (2-2), Arsenal (3-1 loss) and Manchester United (2-0 loss) who compete for the top 4. Three weeks ago after the defeat against the Gunners, Antonio Conte was already off their hinges: “The fans are the fans. I understand that you can think anything, but I see every day what happens during training. I try to do the best for the team. If they trust me, then they trust me, but the choices are mine. If I haven’t decided to choose a player, maybe it’s because he’s not ready. […] I’m not stupid. I do not want to lose. I try to put the best team, choose the best team. If they trust me that’s fine, if they don’t trust me I’m the manager and I have to make the best decision for Tottenham. Strong words from the former Chelsea and Inter Milan coach who quickly recovered from this game before living this complicated week with two setbacks.

A series of small problems.

After this new setback against Newcastle, Antonio Conte asked the fans for patience, pointing out the injuries and highlighting that their managers will still have to make an effort in the transfer window: “Fans need to understand that we are doing our best at all times. The intensity was really high. Right now we have to face a difficult situation for us, because when you don’t have three or four players in the squad, you get into trouble. We have to face and handle this situation very well and overcome it together. This team cannot afford to lose four players. The big teams, the title contenders… when you play every three days, you have to have a deep, solid team with a lot of quality. We have just started our process. We are trying to improve our situation step by step, but it takes time and patience. It should be clear to everyone. I want to be honest. With my experience, we are doing well, but it takes time and patience. I spoke with the club at the beginning of this season, I told you that you have to go step by step and have time and patience and have two or three transfer markets for this team to be competitive to play for the title in two competitions like the Premier League and the Champions League.

A speech that was understood by former Spurs midfielder and adviser, Jamie Redknapp. However, the one who is a cousin of Frank Lampard explained in sky sports that Antonio Conte will have to quickly expand to make his statements more coherent: “He talks about the process taking a few years, but I think I’m right in saying he only has until the summer when his contract is up. He is a manager who works short periods. He goes somewhere for three years, wins, then usually goes somewhere else. It’s not an easy conversation to have, but if we’re talking about the process, if I’m a player there, you have to know that he wants to be there and he’s part of that process. Normally, a manager of his type would already be stretched out. A negative dynamic, an uncertain future and injuries (Kulusevski, Richarlison, Hojbjerg, Romero Lucas Moura…), the situation is far from optimal for Tottenham. Especially since this Wednesday, the Spurs challenge Sporting CP (match to follow in our live commentary). Unable to pass the Champions League group stage 3 times (2014 with Juventus and 2020 and 2021 with Inter Milan) in 5 appearances (1/4 in 2013 with Juventus and 1/8 in 2018 with Chelsea), Antonio Conte He hasn’t had incredible results in this competition, but he will have to defeat the Indian cartel so as not to complicate the task a little more with Tottenham…

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