France, a priority market for the social platform Discord

France, a priority market for the social platform Discord

The application, frequented by 7.6 million French people, launches its first communication campaign outside the United States.

Who stops the voice during the match?», «Your top 10 shonen la team?», «available for classified“. These advertising posters, written in a mysterious language for those over 25 years old, have been exposed for several days on public transport in Paris, Bordeaux, Lille, Marseille and Nantes. They are the result of Discord, an American social application in the crossroads of the forum and the chat mixing text, voice and video. This is the first international communication campaign of the company, which has 150 million monthly users worldwide, among them, 80% are between 13 and 24 years old .

France is one of our largest markets outside of the United Statessays Jesse Wofford, director of product marketing for Discord. According to Médiamétrie, 7.6 million French people use the app every month. Daily users are 2.2 million, which puts Discord on the same level as LinkedIn or Pinterest. And our country is full of peculiarities that are of great interest to the company.

Discord was first used by PC video game players to be able to chat with each other during their games. But in France, 67% of “servers“Discord, which can be roughly compared to private forums, does not concern the gaming world: sports, pop culture, music, Japanese animation, crypto assets…”Servers with more than 30 members are also more numerous than the average in France, and users connect more via mobileJesse Wofford continues.

Above all, Discord claims that its brand is known by 83% of young French people between the ages of 13 and 24. Its communication campaign is mainly aimed at them, borrowing their language and their interest in video games, manga and football, to encourage them to use an application that promises to be very different from a social network.

Attack French universities

Discord is presented as the opposite of Instagram or TikTok, where the user seeks to reach the largest possible audience with their content. “A Discord server is like a small living room, where you meet people who have common interests and find your friends to chat with them. 90% of servers have less than 15 members and are only accessible by invitation», explains the director of product marketing.

The application, which adopted the motto “Cool [détends-toi]discuss, share”, does not monetize the data of its users. His only source of income is Nitro, a $10-a-month subscription that unlocks features like high-definition picture quality during video chats. The company, which has 650 employees, is valued at $14.7 billion after raising $500 million in September 2021. Microsoft had wanted to acquire Discord a few months earlier, but the platform had preferred to remain independent.

To continue its conquest of French youth, Discord intends to develop in the country the “student centers», or servers reserved for members of a university or a Grande Ecole. The latter will only be able to join them after verifying their university email address. These “poles» are a directory of all the servers managed by the students of these schools, whether they are dedicated to lessons or hobbies. Something else to socialize on campus.

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