Matter is finally coming to Google Home, which benefits from a complete makeover

Matter is finally coming to Google Home, which benefits from a complete makeover

Google takes another step towards the democratization of Matter by implementing the protocol in Google Home. The company takes the opportunity to update its Nest connected objects with the arrival of Matter, while completely reviewing its home automation application.

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There is a lot going on on the Google side these days. After the presentation of its Nest Wifi Pro router and a few days after its Made by Google event, with the presentation of the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro as well as the Pixel Watch, Google still has more in the bag. On the program: the arrival of Matter in Google Home and Google connected objects, but also the complete redesign of the Google Home app.

The matter comes to Google Home, Google updates its connected objects

The Matter home automation protocol therefore reaches Google Home and Google’s connected products (screens, speakers, routers, etc.). They will also be able to control Matter compatible devices. For now, this will be a public preview to test the protocol and for Google to get feedback. The final launch will take place later in the year.

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Additionally, Google will introduce Fast Pair for Matter, its quick pairing feature. In practice, our Android smartphone will be able to automatically detect a Matter device in order to quickly configure it.

The Google Home app gets a complete makeover

Google centers the redesign of its connected object control app around personalization. An eyelash ” favorites » appears there, giving you a view of the home automation devices you want to control, whether it’s a thermostat, a surveillance camera, or a connected lock. You can quickly trigger actions or scenarios.

A new space provides access to our devices that are grouped by category: lights, cameras, thermostats, network devices, etc. Also, there is now a media player.” that allows you to see what is playing in your house. You can quickly adjust the volume or access the remote when you want to change channels This is just a first step as Google announces that new customization options will be available next year.

The “Automations” tab of Google Home // Source: Google

Another tab appears: Automations “. It offers the possibility to create automations and routines more easily, in particular thanks to the arrival of Matter, to link the actions of various devices. To go further, Google Home will have a true script editor in early 2023.

A redesign that also affects the functions of Nest, which allows access to video recordings from Nest devices, such as the Nest Doorbell or Nest Cam.

Google Home comes to smartwatches and web browsers

To be able to control your connected objects more easily via Google Home, the app publisher, extends its accessibility to web browsers and connected watches with a minimum of Wear OS 3.

An overview of Google Home on Wear OS 3 // Source: Google

The app will be available on connected watches starting next week and will allow you to turn your lights on or off or even manage your home’s thermostat. We can also receive notifications (from a surveillance camera for example). The web version will be accessible to everyone in a few weeks and all the functions of the application will be available.

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