Google is killing YouTube, all these new things are worrying

Google is killing YouTube, all these new things are worrying

news hardware Google is killing YouTube, all these new things are worrying

The video streaming platform YouTube is looking for new levers to motivate its users to switch to YouTube Premium, its paid offer. To do this, the Google service would consider integrating the viewing of 4K videos into this formula, even if that means making users want to leave the service.

YouTube Premium is a paid version of YouTube, whose main proposal is to provide access to all the videos available on the platform without being bothered by advertising. Other features come to extend this proposal such as the ability to download videos for offline viewingor the possibility of enjoying YouTube Music Premium.

Nevertheless, it seems that YouTube is struggling to motivate Internet users to adhere to this proposal, which continues to cost 11.99 euros per month without commitment. However, the platform is trying to bait the barge with a free month, but that doesn’t seem to be enough. YouTube is looking for new ways to make its offer more attractive, starting with adding ads you can’t skip that magically disappear when you pay. But the platform does not intend to stop there.

Will 4K on YouTube be paid for soon?

Aware that displaying an advertising banner to invite its two billion users to reach into their wallets is not convincing, Therefore, YouTube would consider a slightly more muscular method.. The latter would be made up of remove certain functions present for free on YouTube, to integrate them into its paid offer.

According to a screenshot that circulated earlier this week on Reddit, 2160p videos could pay the price. This is the 4K definition that is available on YouTube when uploaded videos can be viewed in this format.

Google is killing YouTube, all these new things are worrying

In the screenshot in question, it is the YouTube app for iOS that is visible. We can see that the 2160p definition appears as reserved for Premium subscribers and that an invitation to subscribe is highlighted. It should be noted that on Reddit, several people have indicated that they now have this option on their iPhones.

Information that has not been confirmed

Immediately, YouTube has yet to make an official statement on the matter. and we don’t know if the display of this proposal is a bug, a slightly premature rollout, or a way to discreetly gauge user reaction.

Paying for 4K on YouTube probably wouldn’t be a problem for most users, especially those who use a smartphone or tablet to watch videos. Instead, Those who are used to watching content on their TV or on a PC monitor with 4K Ultra HD definition could see this news coming with a very bad eye.

Is YouTube doing more harm than good to its platform?

YouTube Premium is quite expensive: 11.99 per month is the price of a Netflix subscription and it is even more expensive than Disney + or Prime Video, which offer series and movies available only for a fee. YouTube content remains accessible no matter what, at least for now, and it’s a safe bet thata deliberate forcing in favor of YouTube Premium is not well perceived by Internet users. It remains to be seen whether the platform will go to the goal of this idea.

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