Stade Rennes - Lyon / Genesio: "I am proud to be the coach of a team that shows such a state of mind"

Stade Rennes – Lyon / Genesio: “I am proud to be the coach of a team that shows such a state of mind”

After Rennes’ victory against Lyon, Bruno Genesio attended a press conference.

Satisfaction : The ability to rebound within a game. We were able to come back from the scoreboard, take advantage and in the last quarter of an hour go for a victory that was not so obvious given the nature of the match, and the few forces we had left following the sequence of matches we had in this block. Also some interesting game sequences and that desire to always want to go forward even if we were sometimes wasted, to keep pummeling this opposing team.

Courage Victory: We chain a lot of games every 3 days, we play on Thursday at Creacovie, at 3 pm this afternoon. We had recovered well but it is difficult. We also have very young players who are not necessarily used to chaining high level matches every 3 days. At the level of concentration, it is even more difficult. Kudos to them. I am proud to be the manager of a team that shows a state of mind like this. About the game, we can estimate that the draw would have been fairer.

Burrow: It is both talent, but also sacrifice and generosity for the group. I know he was very tired and wanted to leave before scoring. That’s why I also refocused it on the axis. He was very consistent last season, he’s still with his momentum, which was maybe what he lacked last season. It shows all his talent, his qualities, his regularity. He participated in the game, we had less ball than usual, this team from Lyon put us in trouble, they had a pretty attractive face, I think. It was more difficult than we are used to at home. He made the defensive effort, and a striker who scores 2 goals in such an important game is always rewarding.

Physical challenge posed by Lyon: It is a very good team that is out of place, who wanted to show that they deserved better than their current ranking. We were able to respond athletically, technically. The contribution of players from the bench was preponderant in another style. What I remember above all is the value of this group, the mood that reigns in this group.

Cape taken: We return to the scoreboard, we have this capacity that we did not necessarily have last season, to reverse a compromised situation. We started the game well, we had chances to open the scoring and almost at 1me Lyon’s chance that we conceded a goal. We could have dived, lowered our heads. We managed to come back before the break. We were able to score from the start of 2me halftime and holding out until the end when we were physically on track.

Goal conceded in the first opportunity of OL: This is where we have to move forward. In this action we are not well organized defensively, with several positioning flaws. I have a young team that is learning, even integrating players who have not had much playing time at this level, it must be emphasized. That is more what I want to emphasize. Christopher or Lorenz, chaining like in Krakow and against Lyon, is very encouraging for the future and the future of the club.

bourgeois: He received a blow behind the thigh. We have a week between Lyon and Angers, it should be fine.

Lyons: We had heard some noises in the hallways but didn’t really know about it. This is the first time we haven’t made a video about the opponent.

Win against Lyon: It is secondary to me. I was born in Lyon, I played in Lyon, I trained in Lyon, I support Lyon, I still do except when we play against them. That’s not what excites me the most tonight, but we’re moving up the leaderboard in terms of points. We have 21 points, we have recovered from the deficit of the first games, the team is gaining momentum and once again there is an atmosphere and a state of mind that reigns in this team that I like a lot. If we continue in this direction, we can imagine doing very nice things.

Objective : Last year I had set a goal of points in the games that we chained, it had been catastrophic. This group doesn’t necessarily need that. It has to be fresh. The goal is to move forward, keep winning games, reaffirm our level of play, it is thanks to the game that we can achieve the goals.

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