OL: Blanc noted "player support" during the week

OL: Blanc noted “player support” during the week

Laurent Blanc, OL coach (credit: David Hernandez)

After five days of training, Laurent Blanc is only two days away from his return to a Ligue 1 bench. This Friday, the OL coach recalled that work is done in the head but that the players have shown enthusiasm since their arrival.

The group for Rennes

“RAS, le docteur est content. Pendant toute la semaine, il m’a dit RAS pour la première fois de l’année. J’espère qu’il continuara à le dire. Tout le monde est sur pied et c’est une good thing.”

On a crisis of confidence

“There are things to improve in this area. But who says trust, says mentality and each one lives it differently. We did a basic week with a lot of play, work with the ball. There was a notion of pleasure that was felt. Confidence will return with the results. The better we are individually, the stronger we are collectively and the more likely we are to get results.”

The physical deficit

“I assure you that they are in good health, there are no injuries. When there is a new coach, the whole group is available. This is usually the case. The players want to train, show up and play, so that is already good.” If we don’t want to play or if we are afraid to play, it would be problematic. We have to want to face Rennes.”

The trip to Rennes

“I see it as a normal game. We have to have ambitions, whether it’s home or away. It’s easy to say that in front of a microphone, but I mean it. It’s really not the best time to play them. He certainly played Thursday night. night, but you already know the story. The coach in front has a fierce desire to beat theOL. The goal was to lighten the brains that are heavy. The best way was to train, there was a lot of rhythm even though it was a basic week. Adherence to the proposed was good. Physically, we are not quite at the top, but we will be.”

The beautiful game cast aside

“I would like it to be right away. We had an interesting week of work. They were very happy to train like this with intensity, effort. But it was a basic week for me. There will be a lot of work between them.” now and November and much more later. Let’s be strong sportingly but also with the ball because that’s also football. I think I have the players for that.”

The absence of a sentinel in the middle.

“If we don’t have it, we’ll have to invent it. (smiles) There are good players, experienced but also younger. We have to create a common desire and OL can do much better in terms of team. me and the coaching staff to make the players adhere to this system or others. We can change the system, but the mentality will be the same: cause problems for the opponent. When you have the ball, you are in control. situation. When you don’t have it, it exposes you to the opposing talent, you defend but it’s more interesting and fun to attack and create.”

The excitement created by his arrival

“I don’t see it, I get here at 6 am and leave at 8 pm There are very friendly people and very competent services. Between Parc OL and OL Vallée, there are beautiful tools to work with. If you want to work, you have the means.”

An OL cut in two in recent weeks

“I make the same observation as Nicholas Tagliafico, collectively we must be better. Soccer is a team sport. If the eleven has the same mentality before the loss or with the ball, even better. You have to work on these factors. Everyone knows that OL has not had a good start to the season, or not the one that might be expected. By November 13, we may not have all of the media at the top individually and collectively, but we have to take points.

A pair Lacazette – Dembélé

“I would have to find the right way, especially for them to express themselves. We have players who are capable of scoring goals, that’s already a good thing. To be in the top five, you need a certain number 60-65, that’s a given. When You have two players who can score between 30 and 40 goals for you, it makes things easier for you, but they still have to be at the top and the team must do so”.

A defensive deficit to solve

“We scored goals, maybe not enough. We scored 17 and conceded 12, we’re not that catastrophic in both areas. The problem when you score is that you can’t stop conceding goals to win games. We can win 1-0, it’s not forbidden. Except OL don’t concede many goals but they always concede goals and we have to change that. He put a foot in, OL took a lot. Do we play 11 from behind or do we play the danger in the opposite goal so that it takes us a while to get to our goal? There are two different philosophies and maybe it’s a mix of the two.

Sánchez, Kumbedi and El Arouch with the reserve

“We are going through a difficult time and mental and football quality is needed to overcome it. They are young players, they are still children. They have qualities for the future, I have no doubt, but I do”. reserve so they can play because we have no injuries and I really wanted to play. But when the situation is more positive, they will come back.”

The goal of points from here to the truce

“We would need 15 but we won’t take them, so we have to pick up points. We are in a difficult series that has marked the heads. It is up to us, the coaching staff and the experienced players who may have already lived through this period to show the way.”

the external environment

“Everything affects the unity of the locker room. You have to know how to dominate everything. As I tell the players, be good, very good and be in top form to be good on the pitch. Then there are other areas, these are not their domains.”

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