Upcoming cuts in hot water tanks this winter

Upcoming cuts in hot water tanks this winter

In the midst of an energy crisis, long hot showers are likely to become rare. Especially at lunch time. A decree dated September 22, published in the Official Gazette five days later, authorizes electricity distribution companies to temporarily deactivate their users’ hot water tanks. But who makes this concern? In what conditions? 20 minutes remember this news that went almost unnoticed.

Who will be affected?

According to Enedis, the EDF subsidiary in charge of electricity distribution, 4.3 million French people could be affected by these cuts. EDF, Engie, TotalEnergies… Regardless of the providers, they are individuals, companies and local authorities. However, to view your paused cumulus clouds remotely, you must have a Linky meter (35 million people in France) and an “off-peak/congestion hours” subscription that includes the noon time slot. This subscription allows you to benefit from advantageous rates during less stressful hours.

These outages can be controlled remotely between 11:00 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. and may not exceed two hours. In principle, it is probable that the deactivation of the hot water tanks will take place between 12 and 14 hours. The water will then be heated at night, traditionally outside of peak hours. Enedis will be able to perform these maneuvers remotely from October 15 to April 15, 2023 while the government increases calls for sobriety.

How to go to?

The decree specifies this: energy providers must give users at least a week’s notice. If you’re concerned, you’ll get a message from your provider beforehand. Whatever happens, these cuts will be, in principle, painless. In fact, the cumulus clouds heat the water during off-peak hours and then keep it at temperature, ready to be consumed “thanks to the Linky meter”, Enedis specifies.

Traditionally, the peak of consumption, although much lower than that of the afternoon, occurs at noon. Therefore, these voluntary interruptions will make it possible to avoid untimely power cuts while France faces the risk of shortages and cuts in the context of the war in Ukraine. This measure would save the equivalent of 3.5 GW, according to the Electric Power Transmission Network (RTE).

Why is this measure implemented?

France, like the rest of Europe, has been facing an explosion in energy prices for several months. The war in Ukraine and the shortage of Russian gas deliveries, France’s delay in renewable energy and the closure of much of the national nuclear park have caused an energy crisis without precedent.

RTE has repeatedly warned of “tension risks” in the network, without ruling out cuts unless energy is saved. These scheduled outages, which will only affect the cumulus clouds, would save energy and prevent breakdowns without causing inconvenience to consumers. A measure among an anthology of other proposals to spend the winter warm.

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