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Saving for retirement: you may have forgotten to claim an old contract!

retirement savings It is still very common in France. And yet many French doesn’t always seem aware. Thus, according to the Info Retraite site, this represents almost 11.5 million French people who have them. So if you don’t know or don’t know anymore, if you have forgotten such a contract, it is still possible to check this. We will explain everything here.

retirement savings

Retirement is a very important time in a person’s life. Many things change, either for better or for worse. In fact, having a lot more free time can seem both scary and relaxing. But one thing is certain, in retirement, income changes. Indeed, do not wait after retirement with income as high as during the working period. Therefore, to cover the need, there is retirement savings. So a way to set aside for this moment of your life.

And yet, this represents almost 11.5 million French people who have retirement savings. And many of them no longer remember. In fact, in France, there is much aid that too often goes unclaimed. For example, the Cross, or formerly called minimum old age. It turns out that this help allows retirees to earn a minimum income each month. But many older people do not even seem to be aware of its existence and therefore do not take advantage of it.

Fortunately, if you think you have retirement savings, or really don’t know, there are steps you can take. Turns out you can look into your retirement savings if you have one simple enough.

retirement information

If the government does not seem capable of lagging behind everyone to distribute all the aid or subsidies to which the French are entitled, there is aid. In fact, there are more and more more simulators that let you know what aids or bonuses, you may be entitled. And this always according to your profile. Well, for retirement savings, the same goes. It turns out that the retirement information site contains a lot of information about your retirement, as its name suggests. So, on this site, you can learn the amountretirement age with full benefits, etc.

Thus, in addition to the retirement simulator that the site offers, it also allows you to investigate. For example, you can find out whether or not you have retirement savings. Because when you have left the active life, extra income can only be beneficial for you. So this tool is still very useful to make sure you haven’t forgotten anything. We explain the whole process here.

1/ Connection to the personal account

First of all, to know whether or not you have retirement savings, the site must already have information about you. So to do this, you will need to connect to the retirement information site. Then just go to your personal space and finally log in. In this way, the site retrieves your information and can therefore perform the search on your behalf.

To connect to this site, you do not need to register an account. It turns out that since it is still a state site, it is absolutely possible to connect via France Connect. For example, with your Ameli credentials or even taxes. If you prefer phones, you can also go in search of your retirement savings through a phone app. The app is called My Retirement Account. It can be downloaded from the Apple Store or Play Store. And here you can also identify yourself via France Connect.

2/ The retirement savings list

Once you’ve logged in, you need to go to the My Retirement Savings section. Typically this is located to the right of the red banner at the top of the page. But if you’re on the phone location changes. This section should be at the bottom of the home page. Therefore, the site can say that there is no contract with that name. Two possibilities, or there really isn’t one. That’s it, the information has not yet been sent to Union Retraite, which manages all the contracts. Thus, the director of the agency said that at the moment not all the contracts have entered. But “In the worst case, we will be at 100% [de contrats recensés, NDLR] at the end of the year, maybe at the end of November”.

3/ The savings manager

If the search is positive, then you have to take some action on your part. So if the search has been successful and you have retirement savings or even several, then you’ll need to get in touch. for this, it is necessary to adhere to the management bodies. By getting in touch, you will first be able to find out the amount of your savings, which is still an important piece of information. Because if the site lets you know whether or not you have savingsthis does not allow to know the quantity.

Thus, in order to contact the retirement savings manager, the retirement information site provides contact information. But in addition to contact details, the site also offers to give you all the necessary information for a good exchange. This includes the customer number and also the type of savings.

4/ Collect the funds

Once all the steps have been completed successfully. This then includes having retirement savings, or even several and have made contact. You can get the funds back. On the other hand, to recover the amount of the latter, of course, you need some supporting documents. To do this, you must first prove your identity with a document. You should also keep in mind that even if you know the amount and existence of savingsyou may not have it right away.

In most cases, retirement savings can only be withdrawn once retirement has officially occurred. You may be able to get it back sooner, but under certain conditions. what to do with the manager.

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