Du renouveau dans la zone commerciale des Grands-Champs à Nevers

Retail – Renovation in the Grands-Champs shopping area in Nevers

For 5 kilometres, the daily life of the long commercial artery of the Grands-Champs area is not always a long, calm river. Lately, however, the horizon seems to be clearing. The Grands-Champs have attracted new faces. Did the last ones arrive? the Mercedes dealership and The Barber Company?; which ones open and close the boulevards du Pré-Plantin and du Grand-Pré-des-Bordes?; they have chosen to land on the outskirts of Nevers.

from the car park

Sébastien Koch, director of the Mercedes dealership, after moving from the Lyon road in May, has already seen some advantages in the Grands-Champs area. “We wanted to get closer to a commercial area that suits us better.” The concession, with its transmission, increased its area by 200 m² (2,300 m² to 2,500 m²).

The Mercedes dealership has moved to Grands-Champs.

“It is better organized. We have more visibility on our activities”, continues Sébastien Koch. A transfer that gave rise to three hirings, “anticipated in the old site”. Today, 28 people work on this site. Another positive point: the fact that being grouped with the other car dealers present in Nevers “Generates more traffic. It is beneficial for us, but also for others”, not to mention that “the Grands-Champs area, on weekends, is lively” .

premium Urbanism The CDAC projects, the revitalization of the city center of Nevers, what visions to revive trade?

At the other end of the commercial area, the boulevard du Grand-Pré-des-Bordes, Nathalie Faussel has just opened The Barber Company, a hairdressing salon and barbershop, especially for men. When she discovered this concept (supported by the Provalliance group), she was immediately convinced. All that remained was to find the ideal location. It’s done, right next to the Alice in Chocolate Country store (Véronique Griveau, owner of both locations). “The area is buoyant. The Provalliance group supports me and validated this location”. Nathalie Faussel, as manager, was anxious to find a place with parking and easy access. Two criteria set by the Grands-Champs.

The Barber Company team.

Right next door, if you knock on the door of Alice in Chocolate Country, Véronique Griveau, the director, enjoys this shopping area. “We are very good here. Customers are happy to find parking. It’s up to us, it’s up to us to keep it. Customers park and can make several shops”. The advantage of the Grands-Champs? Easy to guess, “it’s space”. She left the inner city fifteen years ago for the Grands-Champs. Good things fall: “There is a great evolution in the area at the level of national signs, at the level of quality. Does it move. This area is cozy. There is vegetation.”

Opposite, at Barbot, a paint and decoration brand, Jean-Michel Quéré also feels good in this corner of Nevers. He was also one of the first to settle there after Mouesse’s departure, in a place that had become too cramped. “This area is not bad. It has evolved well. Trees have been planted. It is an area that remains dynamic.” The little extra? Once again, parking is cited at the top of the list. “You can park and stay as long as you want.”

“People always stop”

Going up the boulevard du Grand-pré-des-Bordes, a short stop at Pacif Pêche, a bit out of sight. Without a doubt, “it is the liveliest area of ​​Nevers. There is a lot of step. We are very good here”. The only thing missing was for the sign to have a little more visibility, “we no longer have a sign at the entrance.”

Among King Toy’s neighbors, director Carole Monteiro’s vision is much more nuanced. The Grands-Champs area, finds, “ageing. We have been there for twenty years. Things have been done, but there are no attractive shops. There are no known signs. Her gaze is opposite, over old Tati’s parking lot blocked by large rocks. An image that hardly suits her. “It’s degrading to the image of the area.” This large empty room is necessarily stained. “It is a pity that it is empty”, comments an employee of an optician. She feels a tremor in this long commercial artery. “We would like a little more diversity, as is happening in the Carrefour area. But we are not going to complain about the situation in the center of the city”.

The last word will be held by Aurore Biery, a Monceau Fleurs employee for six years.

“Oh, nothing to report. There are always people stopping. It is easy to park. Thursday morning, with the Grande Pâture market, is lively”. The only drawback is the economy, which is not doing very well. “Flowers are not part of the primary needs.”

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