L'arrière français Evan Fournier a livré une réaction surprise après la séquence lunaire intervenue à l'issue du match des Bleus face à la Bosnie-Herzégovine

EDF – After the controversy over the giga on the podium, Evan Fournier explains the cash!

After losing the final against Spain in the Eurobasket, Evan Fournier generated great controversy with his attitude on the podium during the medal ceremony. The Blues star decided to return to this matter during an interview with the Canal + network, explaining why he had acted that way. It is said without jargon.

On paper, Evan Fournier was by far the best player for the French team during the European Championship final against Spain. With 23 points à 50% de réussite au tir, dont un joli 4/8 derrière l’arc, l’arrière s’est montré propre au scoring tout en term avec l’un des meilleurs ratio +/- des siens quand il était on the terrain. Small problem, it was all the same just -1…meaning that even with him in play, his team couldn’t dominate against their opponents.

More generally, the match was also one-sided in favor of La Roja, who took the lead from the start of the match before building a comfortable lead. Beyond the final score (88-76), the gap even widened to 23 points during the game… meaning the Blues missed the event, totally dominated. Therefore, they looked gray on the podium when the medals were handed out. Except it was even worse for Fournier and Rudy Gobert, which later caused a great deal of controversy.

Sure enough, the two men simply refused to wear their silver amulet, which surprised more than one and questioned their behavior a bit, making them seem like sore losers. Sooner or later, More Champagne was going to have to come back to this story publicly, and that’s what he did on the show. As an aside on the Canal + channel. He explained his actions this way, saying that his competitive spirit had played a part in it:

Evan Fournier: “We reward you for losing”

It’s not possible. Many people do not understand. When you work so hard to get that gold medal and they give you silver or bronze, I take that as an insult. Of course not, but when I get this silver medal and put it around my neck, it sends me back to failure, and I don’t want to get my hands on it. . I really want to get rid of him.

It is not a question of disrespecting anyone, it is that it brings me back to my failure, so it is difficult. We can see the photo on the podium, we are all disgusted. It’s like you’re being rewarded for losing. “Well, congratulations, you lost, good. It is very difficult to accept.

Whether we agree or not, the Knicks star didn’t take off his gloves for once and we can respect this speech.

More generally, we can also argue that the tournament as a whole must have built up a lot of frustration for the shooting guard, because the Blues were clearly not as dominant as expected in Germany. Collectively, they struggled through the final stages, coming close to elimination against Turkey and Italy, in particular. As for Vavane, he showed great clumsiness throughout the European Championship (40% shots, 33% from distance). Inevitably, he expected better, and this failure did nothing to put him in a good mood.

We may not like Evan Fournier’s explanation for his refusal to take the silver medal at the Eurobasket, but the France captain has stayed true to himself on this one. Now it remains to learn from this disappointment, to return stronger to the 2023 World Cup.

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