Gasoline shortage: the map of gas stations, Total dry?  Where to refuel?

Gasoline shortage: the map of gas stations, Total dry? Where and when to refuel?

Gasoline shortage: the map of gas stations, Total dry?  Where and when to refuel?

GASOLINE SHORTAGE. Is the end of the fuel shortage near? Why isn’t there more gasoline in Total? We take stock of the latest news and the map to find gasoline and diesel near you.

[Mis à jour le 8 octobre 2022 à 16h32] Saturday, October 8, 2022, 20.7% of service stations to refuel, according to the latest data released by the Government at 1:00 p.m. Can we expect the fuel shortage to end soon? The government tries to reassure. While the French fear fuel shortages and, on Friday, one in five service stations encountered supply difficulties, members of the executive increase their outings to the media to explain to motorists the correct behavior to adopt. This is particularly the case for the Minister for the Ecological Transition and Territorial Cohesion, Christophe Béchu, interviewed by Franceinfo: “There is a theme, it is not to end with a panic movement which means that motorists tell themselves that, since there will be a shortage , they rush to the stations when they are open,” he explained, on Saturday, October 8.

The day before, Emmanuel Macron had already declared during a press conference from Prague, in the Czech Republic: “I really want to have a message here first to tell you that the government is fully mobilized, but also to call for calm.” urging the French not to panic. The President of the Republic recalled that “strike movements, linked to salary demands in the Esso group and then in the Total group”, “led to ruptures in certain stations” and “panic movements […] that generally accelerates the same effect”. Stating that “each of the groups […] is in the process of finalizing salary negotiations so that its employees can return to work as soon as possible”, he also called “each and everyone to responsibility”.

Are we going towards an improvement in service stations, particularly in Total? If we base ourselves on the latest statements communicated by the government, this calm is far from being visible yet. While Olivier Véran mentioned on Wednesday, October 5, the percentage of 10% of stations affected by the shortage of one or more fuels, 30% in the Hauts de France region, Olivia Grégoire Minister in Charge of Small and Medium Enterprises and Commerce, mentioned on Friday, October 7, that 15% of the stations with supply difficulties.

To deal with these difficulties, measures have been announced, including the authorization to circulate tank trucks this Sunday, October 9. “We are in the process of improving the situation, it will take two or three days a priori. Depending on what the oil tankers can repatriate from Belgium and from Rouen, and to make things easier, we are releasing part of our strategic stocks”, the Minister for Energy Transition, Agnès Pannier-Runacher, had already assured Thursday night on BFMTV. As a result of the economic situation between the discount at pumps of 20 cents per liter at TotalEnergies service stations and a strike movement within the company to demand a salary increase that is entering its second week, the fuel shortage has stuck in some places.

Where is there a shortage of gasoline?

Little by little, the situation became tense in several regions. To Ile de France or Bouches du Rhône, quickly affected by last weekend’s arrival, Hauts-de-France was added, particularly in Nord-Pas de Calais. The giant’s statement ensures “that there is no shortage of fuel, because TotalEnergies has accumulated stocks and currently imports regularly.” The group also explains that since the beginning of September the service stations have experienced “a significant influx within [leur] station network (+ around 30%)”. There remains a final solution, already adopted by many motorists in recent days: turn to competitors and other fuel suppliers, even if it means paying more.

There are several solutions to know where to refuel and which stations are sold out. First, the Mon Essence app offers a statement based on user feedback reporting dry seasons. The project is 100% collaborative.

You can also find a map of French service stations below. This is the “instant feed” of fuel prices in France, provided by the Ministry of the Economy and available here on the official website:

  • By zooming in and then clicking on a point on the map, you can view all the information about the station and scroll through the prices of each fuel with arrows.
  • Spent fuels are either explicitly mentioned on the map or not found at stations
  • It is up to the point of sale in question to declare its station and its prices to the Ministry. Some groups, like Total, also provide data that is sometimes more detailed. You can find it on the Total website.

What gasoline shortage in Paris? The station list

Above you will find a published list based on feedback from users of the app and the Mon website.

What gasoline shortage in Marseille? The list

A map published based on feedback from users of the Mon app and website and centered on Marseille is available above.

What gasoline shortage in Lyon? The list

A map published based on feedback from users of the Mon app and website and centered on Lyon is available above.

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