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2022 Pay Raise: Here’s the Expected Raise for “9 Out of 10 Employees”!

It is not a surprise, everyone knows it, inflation has hit the country since January 2022. As a result, prices have been rising steadily for several months, enough to put millions of French people in a difficult situation at best. cases, catastrophic at worst. Simply because, unfortunately, the evolution of wages is not that impressive. The purchasing power of the French continues to decline, and that is why calls for national unemployment increase. But salaries have increased since the beginning of the crisis? And if so, have they increased in line with inflation?

A wage increase that worries most French

On the set of 19/20 on Tuesday, September 27, 2022, the journalist Viktor Frédéric decided to take stock of an important issue: French salaries. The big question is: have they increased this year? This would seem logical since inflation has hit the country hard since the beginning of the year. Thus we learn that wages increased in 2022 by 2.5% on average. Good news, but you have to put it in perspective. In fact, there is a big problem: inflation skyrockets twice as fast“. Thus, although wages may increase, purchasing power continues to decline.

On September 29, demonstrations took place throughout France for this reason. It is hard for the French to bear to see their salary lose value when the bosses of big companies pay indecent dividends to shareholders. It’s hard to see ministers covering up when temperatures drop to talk about energy sobriety like in an episode of the Guignols.

A positive point on the other hand, a large majority of the French are worried about the increase in wages. In any case, this is announced by the result of a study based on 300 representative companies.

What are the sectors where wages increase the most?

In this study we found that ” nine out of ten employees will benefit from a salary increase this year, compared to just five in ten in 2021“. And some sectors are more favored than others. The journalist actually quotes ““research and development employees, such as research technicians or engineers”, such as workers who are most likely to see their wages increase the most. In fact, these profiles benefit from an average increase of 11.2%. Above inflation therefore.

For the legal sector, there is an increase of 10.5%. Eric Dupont-Moretti recently announced the increase of 1,000 euros gross per month for magistrates, in particular. Finally, the field of communication offers increases higher than inflation since they are of the order of 6.6%.

The opportunity for the journalist to make an observation. “Raising wages seems much easier for large groups than for small and medium-sized companies [PME]”. On the SME side, Viktor Frédéric tells us that bonuses are preferred. They are a “unique way to help employees without overly committing to the future.”

Inflation in France

Inflation results in higher prices for everyone. There is no difference between rich and poor, the entire population is concerned. But the latter are logically more affected by inflation.

It has more impact on them than on the richest, who can get by. In the first quarter, when the media talked a lot about inflation, two out of three families had prepared themselves to lose purchasing power in the coming months. The most affected families are single-parent families. This is logical since they only have a salary. 78% of them indicated that they had noticed a drastic drop in their standard of living.. This observation is also made by the workers. Three out of four, to be exact.

Economists have been saying since the beginning of the crisis, prices will continue to rise. The peak of inflation should be reached in 2023. And if compared to its European neighbors, France is a good student (inflation is lower there), the reality is quite different. Since prices were higher before inflation, it is in France that wages have lost the most value.

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