Owners of Stadia controllers have found a new use for them

Owners of Stadia controllers have found a new use for them

news hardware Owners of Stadia controllers have found a new use for them

After Google’s recent announcement about shutting down Stadia services, owners of Stadia controllers asked themselves a simple question: should we throw away our Google Stadia controllers? But obviously, the happy owners of this accessory have found answers.

One Stadia Controller to rule them all!

As you know, Google has decided to shut down its cloud gaming service called Stadia. And for good reason, this project failed to find huge fans. The cause of a too limited game catalog and game conditions that are not always optimal.

But in the batch there are many owners of the Stadia controller, which was previously available at € 59.99 in the Google online store. The controller more or less adopts the layout of a dualshock 4, with symmetrical sticks, sharing functionality directly integrated into the machine, and a cross-shaped action button layout.

This wireless controller allows gamers to enjoy their games and content on different screens, such as their tablet, TV connected to a Chromecast, or even their PC via a Google Chrome link. A classic and efficient controller, intended to connect to multiple sources.

The Stadia controller obviously uses the jack port built into the controller to enjoy sound directly from your couch, but above all froma Bluetooth functionality with the particularity of connecting very easily to different peripherals.

Owners of Stadia controllers have found a new use for them

With this in mind, Stadia controller owners have thought to connect their device to their PC, their Mac, or even their smartphone. in bluetooth, although Google gives us this possibility only if we connect the command.

For now, Bluetooth functionality is restricted to the Stadia environment. But the LateStageTech videographer has obviously found a solution to meet this need. Thanks to an Android app, the youtuber was able to connect his Stadia controller to his PC, via Bluetooth. This technique originally used to connect unofficial controllers to your PC obviously works perfectly with the Stadia controller, so why go without?

However, one big problem remains: triggers cannot be used wirelessly via this method, which limits the field of possibilities quite a bit. This Bluetooth signal relay method may be suitable for Stadia controller owners who want to use it without having to connect it to their PC.

Engineer Parth Shah found another method, but it takes a bit more time and work… The method is to use Python 3 through version 1.2.0 available on GitHub and run a file called Server.exe. From there, the engineer gets a URL to enter into a search engine on an Android smartphone or tablet, but this method has a major drawback, that of having to keep your controller connected to your smartphone, which in this case It will serve as a transmitter to connect to your PC.

Will Google block Stadia Controller owners from connecting to other sources?

As you may have understood, there are different methods to use your Google Stadia controller on different devices, but Google still restricts access to many features. Several users have asked Google in different forums to open the Bluetooth access of the controller so that they can continue using it on PC.

In fact, many Stadia controller owners find themselves out there with a totally useless controller, even though they bought it at full price. It was through Reddit that Google responded to the call announcing that the request had been forwarded to the competent teams for this, and that possibilities were being studied internally to make compatibility between Stadia and PC controllers possible.

Google response posted on Reddit

Owners of Stadia controllers have found a new use for them

The controller is currently restricted by current firmware, but Google is considering a driver update that could allow users to run Google Stadia Controller on other devices.

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