SBK 22 game review

SBK 22 game review

The great return of Superbikes to the video game scene is here! Started by the Italian Milestone studio in 1999 and after a long hiatus of 10 years after SBK Generations, SBK 22 is the official iteration of the World Superbike championship, motorcycles closer to production machines than Moto GP prototypes. . A less good title than MotoGP 22 then? Here is our test.

Fast and Furious, 10 years later

SBK 22: Winning lap for the motorcycle game and the Superbike championship?

All riders in the SBK championship are licensed

Motorcycle racing on asphalt, Milestone knows it well. The studio in charge of motorcycle simulations on this surface, be it MotoGP or Ride, is in charge of a big comeback this year. 10 years after SBK Generations, SBK 22 wants to be the official license of the World Superbike Championship, where the SBK shortcut comes from. Well started (since April), the world Superbike season of a dozen stages At the moment, he gives champion to the Spanish Álvaro Bautista, ahead of the Turkish champion Toprak Razgatlıoğlu. But there are still 4 circuits to tame, such as the Portuguese circuit in the Algarve on October 8.

An annual adventure perfectly transcribed by the licenses and during the World Championship. In addition to all the runners who are modeled by their clothing, with the names and by means of a portrait during the selection of the runners, including the French Christophe Ponsson, Lucas Mahias or Loriz Baz, SBK 22 gives the full number of circuits present in the IRL Circuits, and for the most part very well modeled. Perhaps we would have liked a little more atmosphere and entertainment on the sides of the races (starts, podium, etc.), but Milestone does its job in this sector with a good transcription of the sound of the motorcycles and in the DualSense controls (in PS5 ) for sensations on the track.

A title copied and pasted from MotoGP22, but less good?

SBK 22: Winning lap for the motorcycle game and the Superbike championship?

Tire and fuel management is essential

Once released on the track, everything is Milestone. Driving is demanding it will take time for newbies to master the rear axle of most motorcycles and progressive acceleration to avoid losing the curves. You will not be frustrated by the behavior of the AI, the latter will stay on your line during races, without wasting or playing bumper bikes. Called ANNA like all of Milestone’s two-wheeled asphalt titles, it makes computer-controlled opponents reach more cleanly even if the advantage in hitting is too favorable for the human player. Followers of the MotoGP saga will not be surprised by the title, since we find ourselves with the same tire management (choice before the race) and fuel that will have to be managed masterfully to avoid ending up in the queue.

Graphically it is more complicated. The game runs under the Unreal Engine 5 engine, and does not remove the retina without giving us a boost in terms of racing sensations. A timid work, but never far from MotoGP 22. For the rest, SBK is at a constant 60 FPS, not much graphical difference between PS4/Xbox One and PS5/Xbox Series. Without the ability to split screen with a friend and without cross-platform when it comes to jumping into online battles, it’s sad to say that SBK 22 is ultimately too close to MotoGP 22, without many of its advantages.

Content too fair for the official SBK license

SBK 22: Winning lap for the motorcycle game and the Superbike championship?

The title does not offer split screen!

As is de rigueur for most games signed by the Italian studio, the race is there, and it goes beyond its function of a simple sequence of races. We find the 12 stages of the world championship, with adding Research and Development (to upgrade your motorcycle for several weeks, assign technicians to improve certain parts), as well as managing your career. We hire an agent who is in charge of looking for better offers for the next seasons. It certainly adds a bit of depth, but again it doesn’t change the formula of the other Milestone games. Recurring defects return, such as lack of script, variety in animations and events that revive the interest of the mode.

And therein lies the main disappointment of the title: SBK 22 spins in circles, and we quickly surround the owner. A career mode, fast modes (Grand Prix and time trial), a classic multiplayer mode in the form of a lobby, tutorials and… that’s it. Even the track editor or a free mode where you can take your machine everywhere is missing.


  • All official circuits and drivers present
  • An effort at rendering circuitry and sound.
  • Tire/Fuel Configuration and Management
  • AI ANNA is convincing in the play
  • Customizable race driver preview

Weak points

  • Too precise content
  • Split screen missing…
  • …like cross-platform online!
  • The aging formula and engine.
  • Finally a light version of MotoGP 22

Too fair! This is the conclusion after having reviewed the different circuits and modalities of the official license of the World Superbike Championship. SBK 22 certainly offers all the drivers and circuitry, but it’s too light in terms of game modes with some omissions (split screen, online cross-platform…). Although ANNA AI and the requirement of bike control will delight Superbike fans, the title is still a bit lacking in content and leaves us with the not necessarily pleasant feeling that SBK 22 is, in fact, a light version. of MotoGP 22. Therefore, it is a timid resumption of this official license, which will only benefit from the bases of motorcycle games on asphalt offered by the Italian Milestone studio.

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