Apple Watch explose

Apple Watch: the battery of the watch explodes and sends its owner to the hospital

An Apple Watch Series 7 user was unpleasantly surprised to see his connected watch battery overheat while wearing it before exploding, which could well have caused serious damage.

Apple Watch explodes
The Apple Watch Series 7 that exploded – Credit: 9To5Mac

In a new report, our colleagues at 9to5Mac tell the incredible story of one of their readers who saw his watch battery explode. While it’s not uncommon to see Apple Watches save lives by detecting heart attacks or summoning help, ultimately Apple Watches can also be dangerous.

In fact, an Apple Watch Series 7 owner suddenly felt his watch overheating on his wrist. When he removed it, he noticed that the back was broken and WatchOS showed a warning announcing system shutdown due to too high a temperature. However, the ambient temperature was just over 21 degrees.

The clock battery goes up in smoke

After removing the device from his wrist, the user immediately alerted Apple support by phone. As expected, the matter was taken very seriously, the call was quickly transferred up several levels of Apple’s support hierarchy. An official of the American manufacturer has created a case for further investigation. Apple was reportedly unable to identify the problem with this call and simply advised the victim to do not touch the watch until contacted by service.

Apple Watch explodes
The back is cracked and the screen has overheated – Credit: 9To5Mac

While the story could have ended there, the next morning, the owner of the Apple Watch Series 7 had the unpleasant surprise of discovering that histhe clock had become even hotter than the day before and that the screen was starting to crack from the heat. Instantly, the device finally started to go up in smoke, until its owner decides to throw it out the window. It was too late, his couch had already suffered several burn marks.

After this disturbing new episode, the owner of the watch finally went to the hospital for fear of lead poisoning. Fortunately, it appears that the watch does not contain enough to cause such poisoning. The victim does not report burns, as she would have managed to remove the watch just in time.

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Apple wanted to keep the matter secret.

Returning from the hospital, the victim contacted Apple services again to report the new incident and send them several photos taken at different times of the scene as evidence. Apple assured him that his problem was a priority for the company., and promised to contact him again the following Monday. However, it took her much longer to hear news about his case.

As would be expected, Apple picked up the watch from home to take it to its own labs for more tests, probably to try to determine the exact cause of the problem.

The Cupertino company would even have tried to gloss over the matter. Apple reportedly asked the owner of the faulty Apple Watch Series 7 to sign a document agreeing not to share the story with anyone. The latter refused, and finally decided to publicize the case.

It’s clear that such a malfunction isn’t really what you’d call good publicity for Apple, which is more used to highlighting its life-saving connected watches. For the moment, everything suggests that this is an isolated case, because reports of such failures are rare. However, Apple may well have convinced other victims to keep the cases secret.

Source: 9To5Mac

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