ASM - Lyon : le carnet de notes des Clermontois

Rugby – ASM – Lyon: The Clermontois Notebook

Falgoux (6). The left prop got the job done in a close scrum. He also played his part in the defensive pressure exerted by Clermontois. Replaced by Beria that ensured continuity.

Beheregaray (7). The hooker was ubiquitous in the game, just in time down the line to score Clermont’s first down. He also intervenes in the realization of Penaud where his pressure pushes the Lyon defender to the foul. We will also remember his self-sacrifice when he moved from the back row at the start of the second half. He inevitably left a lot of juice and energy and surely a bit of lucidity, which led to an obstruction that invalidated Raka’s try. In his passive too, inaccurate shots in the touch in the first half: a straight step and three others in which the chosen target fails.

Ojovan (6). The right prop is still secured in the static phases. But the Moldovan was also present with the ball in hand where he always ensured continuity. Defensively, he tackled with a vengeance. Unlike last week, he was able to breathe in the last ten minutes when he was replaced by Dzmanashivili who secured the two close scrums he had to manage.

The Raka party, Beheregaray’s devotion, the illusion for Michelin: what to remember from the ASM victory against Lyon

Yedrasiak (7). A high-level performance along the lines of that of La Rochelle. Generous and active in the combat zones, he was also present in the game, so he is directly involved in the second ASM attempt, signed by Raka. An action in which he plays the shot perfectly.

lanes (6). Stunned by a poorly executed tackle on the third row of Lyon Sobela, he had to leave shortly after half an hour of play. Before, he had still been present in all the hot spots. Replaced by Vahaamahina (32) who put his power and his presence in contact.

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Iturria (7). The captain is still riding in his very good moment. After a great performance against La Rochelle, the third row put on another great performance. And especially in his activity in the current game where he has been a very effective support on many occasions. In the air or on the ground, offensively or defensively, what a volume of play!

Cancoriet (unclassified). The third-row winger had to quickly abandon his teammates (23rd) after an injury to his right toe. Until then he had been very available, as in Beheregaray’s first attempt where he still almost committed a sin of greed by not playing a four against one (14th). replaced by young Thixeront (6.5)author of a good start and especially defensively.

ASM offensive festival against Lyon (read the direct)

Destroy (5.5). The central back row was simply forceful after their impressive defensive showdown last week. As usual, Lucas Dessaigne did not hide, but he had to leave at the break because he had no more gasoline. He gave way to movie (6) author of a balloon test. On the other hand, he loses a ball on a throw into touch.

Bezi (6.5). Another complete game for the scrum-half who perfectly led his team’s game. Sébastien Bézy was still very dynamic and hit the ball well. The kick pass from him to Ezeala almost pays off, but he is missing a few centimeters in the center (53°). Replaced by Yolk (64th).

Ram (7). Jules Plisson trusts Clermont. And that shows us. Whether it’s his transmissions or his kicking game, he makes the right calls with great technical precision. And he adds toggle to his palette. He at three out of five in his attempts against the poles. Replaced by belleau (52nd) who tried to carry the ball more than in his last outings. It demonstrates the advance of him in 25 meters (66º). He managed both of his shots on goal.

ASM Clermont – Lyon: give your notes

Rakah (8). Obviously man of the match with his first hat-trick since a December afternoon in 2017 and an emphatic ASM win at Saracens. Against LOU, we will remember his first try, an action in which he was decisive twice. A first time after an acceleration in the center of the field where three defenders are needed to stop it; and in the end, with an inside hook that eliminates no less than five Lyonnais. He was unsuccessful in this match, but he could also be opportunistic in the other two achievements of his. Strong in defense, especially he was very unsettled to create a permanent danger. A Raka in full international form with three tries… plus two rejected.

Simon (7). The regulator of the three-quarter line, which confirms his preponderant role in both the offensive and defensive systems of his team. If he was first used more often as a decoy in combinations, the Australian later touched more balls, which allowed him to play in Lyon’s defense on several occasions. Cross shot jewel in the back of the defense (54th) on a Penaud try. To his credit, he is sanctioned (33rd) for wanting, according to Mr. Trainini, to “explain the rule” to the referee. Anecdotal for this player who finished the game with cramps (79th).

“We enjoyed”: the reactions after the victory of the ASM against Lyon (43-20)

Ezeala (7.5). It confirms that its repositioning in the center is a success. Above all, he perfectly adapted to the new aggressive defensive system, putting a lot of pressure on Lyon’s attackers. Not even Tuisova escaped him, in an attacking entry by the Spaniard that made him lose the ball. In attack he has also been successful on several occasions by having very interesting support plays. On Raka’s third attempt, he mobilized several Lyonnais, which opened the gap. Replaced (56) by hut who went through the back with Newsome in the middle.

Ashamed (6.5). He waited for 24 before touching a first ball that he also kicked… too long. Sometimes weak in his defensive duels, he knew how to stick his nose out the window when he made up his mind. In the last action of the first half he touches the ball twice, but he does not secure the pass to Tixeront who comes to support in the scoring area. After scoring an effortless try, picking up a ball in front of in-goal, he pleased the crowd with a long, swinging run that ended in in-goal for Raka’s fourth try…finally called off by a Beheregaray foul. .

Alex Newsom (7). Very comfortable occupying spaces, he crossed several times, as in the first attempt of the game, Beheregaray signed. It is a pity that his first intervention, a little earlier, on the line is marred by a very slight advance in his decisive pass to Raka. Little used in the aerial game, he assured the defense of the third curtain without major fault.

Christophe Buron, Arnaud Clergue and Didier Cros

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