Android 13 arrives on Samsung smartphones: the 5 main novelties

Android 13 arrives on Samsung smartphones: the 5 main novelties

After several months of beta, Samsung is preparing to roll out its new One UI 5 interface, based on Android 13, on millions of Galaxy smartphones. A brief summary of the most significant developments.

Like (almost) all Android smartphone manufacturers, Samsung offers its own interface, One UI, which adds additional functionality to Google’s operating system. These are the enhancements coming soon to your Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

1. The fashions and routines that adapt to your day

modes and routines samsung one ui 5
One UI 5 modes and routines. – © Samsung

One UI 5 adds an interesting feature: modes and routines. Once configured, routines allow you to trigger a sequence of custom actions. For example, you can set a “Sleep” mode which, when activated, will activate dark mode and dark mode. Do not disturb. These modes and routines can also be activated automatically based on time intervals you have defined.

2. Revamped icons and notifications

notification one ui 5 samsung
The new One UI 5 icons and notifications. – © Samsung

One UI 5 obviously brings its share of cosmetic improvements with new, more readable icons, especially in the notification panel. Thus, it becomes easier to identify at a glance the application associated with each notification. The contextual display of the buttons to accept or reject a call has also been revised.

3. Your videos on the lock screen

samsung one ui 5 video lock screen
Videos on the One UI 5 lock screen – © Samsung

As if to respond to the new features of the iPhone 14, Samsung presents in One UI 5 the possibility of adding excerpts from your videos directly to the lock screen. Customization of the latter will be pushed a bit further with new wallpapers, clock styles, and pop-up notifications.

4. Arrange and stack widgets

samsung a 5 widget ui
The new One UI 5 widgets in Android 13 – © Samsung

Samsung is also taking advantage of the switch to Android 13 to improve its widgets. Now they will be easier to organize, with the possibility of moving them from right to left to save space. If you want to see them all at once, One UI 5 lets you stack them for easy storage. A widget with personalized suggestions also appears. Convenient to display the last open applications or actions performed on your phone.

5. A new menu for connected devices

connected devices menu samsung one ui 5 android 13
The new One UI 5 menu for connected devices – © Samsung

To make it easy to connect your Samsung Galaxy smartphone to other connected devices, Samsung decided to put everything in one place in settings. Convenient for quick access to Samsung Dex, Smart View, Quick Share or Auto Switch Buds to quickly switch your Samsung wireless earbuds from one device to another.

The other news of Samsung One UI 5

These are just some of the additions that Samsung has made to its One UI 5 interface in Android 13. Other new features include the consolidation of security and privacy settings, the ability to simply extract text from an image, or the option to answer calls. phone typing. text that is then transcribed by the Bixby voice assistant.

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Samsung has already started the launch of its new update that will first reach its mid-range and high-end smartphones. Thus, the Galaxy S22, S21, Z Fold 3 and 4, Z Flip 3 and 4 and Galaxy A53 will be the first to benefit from it. Other models will probably have to wait a bit longer.

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