You can save on your VOD subscriptions thanks to the Internet Service Provider

You can save on your VOD subscriptions thanks to the Internet Service Provider

Some formulas or tricks can save you money to watch movies, series and games.

Streaming platforms are multiplying like hotcakes these days. Newcomers are entering the video on demand niche to compete with the historical Netflix or MyCanal. In December we announced the arrival in France of Universal+ and Paramount+, which will join the ranks of Prime Video, Disney+, HBO or Salto.


Your bill can add up quickly if you sign up for multiple offers. You can first take stock by listing all your subscriptions. Do you use all subscriptions? When was the last time you connected to this VOD site? After asking yourself these questions, you can decide to cancel the offers that you are not taking advantage of.

You can also proceed by “cycle” – only subscribe to one or two platforms at the same time, if you opt for non-binding offers. Once you’ve binge-watched this series available on Prime, you can cancel and subscribe to another offer for access to a different catalog. It takes a bit of organization. There are applications to manage all your subscriptions in the same account, such as Ideel or Origame.

Choose a package

The other option is to opt for one of the many bundled offers. They often go hand in hand with a long-term commitment. For example, for lovers of sports streaming, the RMC Sport and Bein Sports channels can be subscribed for 29 euros per month, instead of 34 euros if you combine the two subscriptions (with a 12-month commitment, or 35 euros instead of 40 without commitment). .

Same principle on the Canal + side, which offers packages that bring together the Canal, Bein Sports and Netflix channels, for 29.99 euros per month for a year, then 40.99 euros for a year (therefore, you must sign up for two years). It is more advantageous if you combine the subscription to Canal+ (20.99 euros), Bein Sports (15 euros) and Netflix (8.99 euros), for a total of 45 euros per month. Other packages include Canal+ channels and streaming platforms like Netflix and Disney+. And if you are under 26, you can have a 50% discount on this package.

share a subscription

This is what many Internet users are already doing, taking advantage of a gray area. A single account, whose username and password are exchanged between friends or brothers and sisters. Most VOD offers include, subject to a price increase, the option to use the service on multiple screens at the same time.

Sniffing out the good vein, startups like Spliiiit or Sharit put you in contact with other Internet users, this time strangers, to share an account. But sharing a subscription with people you don’t know can lead to cybersecurity issues. You should also know that some platforms, including Netflix, are beginning to fight against this system. The US firm has announced that it will deploy new measures against account swapping as of January 1, 2023.

Go through your internet or mobile provider

Your Internet box or your mobile plan can also give you access to good offers. For example, the operator SFR offers its customers a subscription to RMC Sports for 9 euros per month, instead of 19 (but you have to commit to a year, otherwise it costs 15 euros). The Orange Sport package, at 19 euros per month without commitment, also allows you to watch the main sporting events of the season, only when you want.

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