Gotham Knights at 30 FPS: those responsible for Xbox Series S according to a developer

Gotham Knights at 30 FPS: those responsible for Xbox Series S according to a developer

While the announcement of the limited number of frames per second to 30 for Gotham Knights shook the networks all weekend, a former Rocksteady developer came out to throw a stone in the pond. According to him, the poor technical performance of next-gen games is due to the obligation to release the titles on Xbox Series S. Let’s see what it really is.

An Xbox Series S no more powerful than an Xbox One?

Almost two years have passed since the new generation consoles came out, with significant commercial success, both for Xbox and PlayStation, but without avoiding a certain number of difficulties. Today, therefore, it is the question of the efficiency of the performance of these different machines that will interest us. In the last two years, Xbox Series and PlayStation 5 have experienced the transition effect with a majority of cross-generation games, far from the graphical expectations of gamers.

Little by little, more and more exclusive Xbox Series and PlayStation 5 games are appearing, which represents the hope of finally seeing this technological leap. Last week, Warner Bros. Interactive finally announced that its next game, Gotham Knights, would feature only a graphics mode limited to 30 frames per second.

Where the problem is that the new Warner Bros Montreal title is precisely one of those exclusive games for current generation consoles. Initially planned, the developers eventually decided to cancel the previous generation versions. The topic obviously sparked a heated debate on social media over the weekend and an unexpected reaction came from Lee Devonald, a former Rocksteady developer who worked on Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League.

According to him, the culprit for the absence of the sacrosanct 60 FPS is all found: it is Xbox Series S. Devonald affirms that the Microsoft console has nothing more than the consoles of the old generation and adds that the Redmond firm denies that a the game will be released only on Xbox Series X.

Therefore, the overall performance of games would be reduced, as developers are forced to optimize their games according to the less powerful device, the Xbox Series S. According to him, a whole generation of games is today ” paralyzed by this potato”.

Is the Xbox Series S really incapable of next-gen performance?

As a reminder, Warner Bros had justified its choice not to release its game on Xbox One and PS4 by explaining that it had favored the stability of the overall experience of the title whose adventure can be played completely in cooperation. Of course, it is very clear from the beginning that the Xbox Series S does not have the technical characteristics of its older sister, let us cite, for example, the power of its GPU or its ability to manage 4K definition.

That said, just look at the list of games released in recent years to quickly understand that Xbox Series S isn’t always a hindrance to frame rates above 30 frames per second. Very recently, Cyberpunk 2077 was updated to allow the Xbox Series S to run at 60 frames per second. We can also mention Far Cry 6, also fully playable in co-op and in a vast open world running at 60 FPS on both Microsoft consoles.

Finally, taking a closer look at Rocksteady’s various developer pitches, we quickly realize that he doesn’t seem to have the smaller 9th-gen console at his heart.

Of course, the Xbox Series S is still less powerful than its direct competitors, it will surely reach its limits before the others, but it is obvious that it is still capable of performances that the old generation of consoles could not reach. It is also quite likely that its consideration by the developers will mean additional work for them. As for blaming it for poor performance in future games, that seems a bit premature to us.

Please also note that this developer’s account with over 2000 subscribers is no longer available at the time of this writing.

The article has been updated to clarify that this is a former Rocksteady developer.

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