5 terrifying horror games inspired by real events for Halloween

5 terrifying horror games inspired by real events for Halloween

game news 5 terrifying horror games inspired by real events for Halloween

Who says Halloween, says horror games. But what is a horror game? Pure fiction meant to scare Resident Evil or Silent Hill? Well not always! Here are five horror games inspired by true stories that will really thrill you.

Kholat and the Dyatlov Pass affair

It was in 2015 that Kholat was released, a horror game with a very particular promise: shake players by offering to relive the hell of the Dyatlov Pass affair. But what is this terrible event? To find out, let’s go back to the year 1959. That year, a small group of skiers/hikers decided to cross the Northern Urals (Russia), up to Otorten Mountain. Yes, but now, his journey will come to a very disastrous conclusion. On the night of February 1 to 2, nine of the companions died under mysterious circumstances. Some are naked, one of them has lost his tongue and eyes and his tent has been destroyed from the inside. If the first investigation concludes with a simple death from hypothermia, it soon becomes clear that something else is behind this strange event. Wild animal attack? Secret military experiment? Supernatural or extraterrestrial forces? The most terrifying theories are elaborated. But we will have to wait until 2019 to definitively close this case caused, according to the latter, by a simple avalanche…

Outlast 2 and the Jonestown Massacre

The creators of the Outlast horror series delight in unearthing the most sordid events to create the story of their game. The first Outlast of the name was thus inspired by the MK-Ultra Project, a CIA mission from the 1950s to the 1970s aimed at conducting experiments on non-consensual people (torture, electroshock therapy, sensory deprivation…). But with Outlast 2, the developers dove a little deeper into the sleazy for the excavation on the side of the People’s Temple and its disastrous denouement in November 1978. Lets start by the beginning! The Peoples Temple was a cult founded in 1955 by the Reverend Jim Jones and was believed to have around 1,000 followers at its height. But who says sect, says abuse and those of the People’s Temple are particularly numerous. Isolation, sexual abuse, corporal punishment… Some faithful began to flee and alerted the press. Jim Jones then left the United States for Guyana, where he founded the Jonestown settlement. It is there that on November 18, 1978 he will push his 914 followers to collective suicide…

The Hat Man: Shadow Ward and Canton Native Asylum

Less well known, The Hat Man: Shadow Ward hasn’t really received very positive reviews. And it’s a shame as the basic premise was quite interesting. Based on reports from former “patients”, the game’s developers wanted to transcribe the morbid atmosphere and atrocities of the insane asylum in Canton. It was in 1898 when the US Congress validated the project for this establishment, which was to house Amerindians suffering from mental disorders. In 1903, the Hiawatha Insane Asylum thus opened its doors and welcomed, in total, more than 350 patients. But there is a problem: most of them are not even sick. In fact, some are locked up there because they oppose the government or refuse to give up their traditions and cultures. Add to that the most deplorable prison conditions and you have a ghoulish place where at least 121 poor innocent people lose their lives. The American author Kent Nerburn remarkably shared testimonies about this place in his book The girl who sang to the buffalo.

The Devil in Me and the Holmes Murder Castle

L’anthologie The Dark Pictures will offer a novel opus (don’t you can retrouver the preview on the site): The Dark Pictures: The Devil In Me. Et ce dernier a la particularité de se baseer entièrement sur une histoire vraie, or rather a serial killer who really existed: Holmes. No, this is not Sherlock Holmes but Herman Webster Mudgett Holmes. He is considered by many to be the first serial killer. He was rampant in the 1890s, long before the term serial killer was first used. Her modus operandi of him? Lock up young women (mostly) in his Castle of Murders, presented as a hotel, and “haze” them for a bit before killing them. Torture, death by suffocation, trapped cameras… If you have seen saw or season 5 ofamerican horror story, know that Holmes is the one who invented everything on this ground. In his labyrinthine castle, he will confess to killing 27 people. But according to estimates, his victims would be more than 200…

The People of Light and the Asylum of Volterra

Asylums are fertile ground for horrific adventures, and there’s a reason for that. From Byberry to Bedlam, many mental health facilities have been the scene of egregious treatment or experiments, often accompanied by inhumane living conditions. Therefore, it is not surprising to find another game inspired by a real asylum in this selection. And this time, it is on the Italian side that it is happening. The People of Light plunges us into the terrible psychiatric hospital of Volterra. The opportunity to discover the hell of the Ferri pavilion in which 200 patients had to share two poor toilets. And if it were only that… Electroshock treatments but also the induction of comas with insulin injections were common at that time. We know about the atrocities of the Volterra asylum in particular thanks to the story of Fernando Oreste Nannetti who, for almost fifteen years, recorded the course of his days on 70 meters of wall.

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