Champions League: the violent diatribe of Real Madrid

Champions League: the violent diatribe of Real Madrid

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A small event. Last night Real Madrid fell for the first time in the 2022-23 season. Unbeaten in sixteen meetings in all competitions, the 2022 European champions fell on a bone in Leipzig. Eduardo Camavinga’s teammates fell 3-2, especially mistreated by the Germans. Therefore, he savored defeat again, since his last defeat dates back to May 8, 2022. It was against Atlético de Madrid (1-0). Since then, the people of Madrid have gone 20 games without defeat.

After the meeting, Carlo Ancelotti gave his impressions. “I’m not angry, it’s a loss, it’s embarrassing, but it doesn’t hurt that much. It had to happen one day or another, we can only move on. I can’t criticize my team who did things well. We learn more from defeats than from a 10-win series Usually we are strong from a fixed play, but not tonight. Quite calm reaction of the Mister that contrasts with that of Thibaut Courtois, very upset after this setback.

Courtois and Camavinga dissatisfied

“We fall asleep, without intensity or aggressiveness and it pays off, the coach told us. We were wrong again. Today we missed a lot of passes, controls and it wasn’t a good game. Then they put you in the third place and they kill you in the last minutes (…) It shows as a goalkeeper, when you’re not in the game, it shows in every duel. Many of us have not won them, due to lack of intensity and we have to wake up. I think we may be having a bad day. We’ve played a lot of games in a short time but what can’t be missing is intensity and there are people on the bench, if you can’t take it anymore… you have to give 100%”..

He then added: “If we had been more precise, we could have gotten into the game but that didn’t happen and we conceded an unnecessary goal. We didn’t defend well.”. Violent exit of the Belgian. Questioned on this subject, Ancelotti limited himself to answering: “Everyone has their own opinion”. Other Real Madrid players were more of Courtois’ opinion. This is the case of Eduardo Camavinga who fell in a mixed zone: “It is not a good attitude on the part of the team. We’re sticking with the good things we’re doing and we’ll see how the team does.”.”

The Iberian press prunes Real Madrid

Less critical than his teammates, Lucas Vázquez admitted that Madrid made mistakes. “The team didn’t lose face in the game, we tried to play football, have chances… We have to analyze the game, the mistakes and that’s it”. The Spanish press did it, which did not hesitate to criticize the winners of LaLiga 2022. “Madrid sleeps“, What brand this Wednesday before adding: “Real Madrid stayed on the sofa. He offered the worst data, especially in terms of duels lost this season.. Indeed, Madrid only won 37.84% of their duels last night. The successful dribbling rate was only 27.59%, while it usually averages 43.73%.

brand nevertheless he tried to find the reasons for this setback. “On the one hand, the lack of several starters in the eleven such as Carvajal, Alaba, Valverde, Modric or Benzema, players with character. On the other, Madrid had already qualified for the round of 16 and perhaps the intensity and ambition were not necessary to face such a duel.. by his side, WHAT What : “Madrid says goodbyeThe outlet then commented: “In Leipzig, with a hybrid team of starters and substitutes, Madrid took half a day off.” A reaction from the meringues is expected on Sunday against Girona.

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