Juventus: the reasons to keep Massimiliano Allegri

Juventus: the reasons to keep Massimiliano Allegri

What’s next after this announcement?

At the end of the new defeat against Maccabi Haifa (2-0) in the Champions League last Tuesday, Andrea Agnelli had strong words. “This is one of our most difficult moments. Now is the time to take responsibility. I am here for that, but also because I am ashamed of what is happening. I am tremendously angry, but also aware that football is a team sport: we win and lose at eleven, and we want to start from there. The president of Juventus then expressed himself bitterly. However, the strong man of the Turin club confirmed the club’s position against Massimiliano Allegri: “Absolutely. In a situation like this, it’s not just a person, a man, a player, a doctor, a physiotherapist, a coach: right now there is a group. We have to try to start again, we have nine games to play in 30 days. We have to position ourselves well and we know that we will have to be protagonists in the second half of the season. »

A 2022-2023 season that started badly

However, the coach of the Old Lady seems to be in a more than delicate position after the new bad performance of his team in the Champions League. Already last year, when he returned to Turin, the Bianconeri’s season had been very disappointing. A more or less unexpected elimination in the knockout stages of the Champions League against Villarreal (1-1, 0-3) at the end of winter and a sad 4th place, far from the best teams, synonymous with qualifying for the most prestigious European competitions despite everything. But in view of the European course this season, one wonders if another Italian team would not have deserved more access to it. Finally, their results were almost the premises of the ordeal that the Turin club is currently experiencing, whether on the national or European scene. Indeed, Juventus is sinking a little deeper into the crisis and the figures are there to prove it.

La Vieja has hit rock bottom against Maccabi Haifa and the criticism of the game offered by the Turinese is increasingly virulent, and rightly so. Lethargic, unable to change the dynamics of the meeting, the reasons for the fiasco are many. Juventus had never lost three of the first four games of a Champions League group stage, that is. Especially since even in Serie A, the Bianconeri occupy a very sad 8th place, unworthy of their ambitions, before the start of matchday 10 of the Italian championship. The game system put in place by the 55-year-old coach is also in question. Between the irregularity of newcomers struggling to perform, aging executives who are more than a shadow of their former selves, permanent variations in Turin’s system creating some instability, and recurring injuries, Juventus are digging their own grave.

A delicate contractual situation and a disastrous financial balance

In these cases, the coach is usually the first to pay the price, but obviously not in Turin. “We are completely offline. There are no individual responsibilities, it can’t be the coach’s fault if we can’t make a tackle. Juve has always taken stock at the end of the year. If we want to put a time horizon, that’s it, the end of the season. It is hard for me to think of a change of coach in the immediate future: the coach is Massimiliano Allegri and he will continue to be. There are 50 officials, 25 players, directors, in a complete group of 80-90 people who must have the ability to form a group, to rediscover their identity and to put back on the field the individual and collective qualities that this team possesses. “ confident Andrea Agnelli after the last poor performance. Confidence in Massimiliano Allegri remains, therefore, strangely, since the bianconera institution is experiencing one of its worst seasons of the 21st century.

But wouldn’t the reasons ultimately be of an accounting nature? Juventus Turin’s losses also increased further last season to reach more than 250 million euros, according to the balance sheet for the 2021-22 financial year approved at the end of September by the Turin club’s board of directors. And to get rid of their coach, the Bianconeri leaders will have to pay a good fortune. In fact, in May 2021, upon his return to Turin, the Italian coach had signed a contract that lasted until June 2025 for a value of 7 million euros net (that is, approximately 12.95 million euros gross). As reported. The Figaro. If we do the math, Juventus will have to pay around 19 million euros net (36 million euros gross) if they want to part with their coach (5 for the remainder of the year and 14 for the next two seasons).

An explanation that seems to explain the maintenance of Massimiliano Allegri in Piedmont, especially in view of the latest financial report of the Old Lady. The leaders of Turin have chosen to keep their coach so as not to burden the club’s finances a little more. However, Juventus will only receive a small part of the bonuses distributed in the Champions League during the group stage and perhaps none for the round of 16 if the elimination in C1 is confirmed. In addition to the participation bonus of €15.25 million, we are talking about €2.7 million for a win and €900,000 for a draw during the group stage. Subsequently, the round of 16 raised €9.5 million, the quarter-finals €10.5 million and the semi-finals €12 million. The finalist will take an additional 15 million euros and the winner 19 million. A large deficit therefore. But then, is this choice wise for the Turin club’s finances? I’m not sure and we’ll have to wait for the next funder to have a real answer. Business to follow this weekend with the Derby della Molle against Torino during which the Bianconeri will have a lot to do if they want to advance

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