Mondial de Paris 2022 - The entry into force of electric mini city cars

Mondial de Paris 2022 – The entry into force of electric mini city cars

Very few traditional manufacturers will make the trip to the Paris Motor Show. Alongside French and Chinese manufacturers, the stars of the show will be small electric city cars from all walks of life.

CT1 city transformer

We had already discovered this strange mobile object at the Munich fair last year, this time it will be in Hall 6 of Porte de Versailles. The Israeli start-up City Transformer offers us a kind of variable geometry Twizy. Below the 50 km/h threshold, the CT1 is 1 meter wide. What to sneak more easily. Above this speed, the vehicle can widen its tracks up to 1.40 m wide. More stability at higher speeds (maximum 90 km/h) without compromising agility in the city. The two occupants are installed in tandem, in a closed cabin equipped with heating and air conditioning. Production is expected to start in 2024, with an estimated base price of €12,000.

e.Go e.Wave X

Activity resumes on the Aachen side at e.Go Mobile. Compared to its debut, the little E.Go Life has enjoyed a few upgrades, especially to its more modern-looking interior. The mechanics also to stop going by car, since the engine now develops 80 kW and the autonomy reaches 250 km with an 11 kW charger instead of the small 3.5 kW. Above all, it is transformed into a mini crossover under the name of e.Wave X… E.Go will be found in Hall 6.

Eon Weez

Exhibited in Hall 6 and born in the Southwest, the Eon Weez is currently aimed primarily at professionals with a 2-seater model with a 600-litre capacity. A 4-seater version is still planned, which will justify its antagonistic doors at the rear a little better. It is distinguished by its 4-wheel motors, with a total power of 15 kW. However, the autonomy is limited to 100 km. Approved in the L7e category, it can reach 90 km/h.


With its look inspired by the Isetta, the Microlino certainly has a first advantage, that of seduction. The project was a long one, but now production has started in earnest and the first units are starting to ship to Switzerland. The other countries will follow shortly. Three versions with 6, 10.5 and 14 kWh batteries are available: 95, 175 or 230 km of autonomy, but a charge limited to 1.35 kW for the basic model, 2.6 kW for the two largest batteries . Above all, the price has been revised upwards and now starts at €14,990. To discover Pavilion 6.

silence s04

Present in France with its electric scooters, the Spanish company Silence will exhibit its Silence S04 small 3-seater city car in Hall 4. Its main feature is the use of the same removable batteries as the scooters. Here there are two, one on each side and identified by the luminous circle. Quite heavy, almost 40 kg each, however, they are mounted on a wheeled cart with a telescopic handle. Easier to take home… An onboard charge is also present. They can also be exchanged at stations in equipped cities. The base price is planned at 7,500 euros for the L6 model limited to 45 km/h, but an L7e version capable of reaching 90 km/h is also on the program.

Patak convertible

Here’s something to drive electric, economical and different… Patak’s little Czech roadster will be present in Paris in its Austin Seven guise. On the program: a 15 kW motor (30 peak), quadricycle homologation, 100 to 250 km of autonomy depending on the selected battery, only 3.36 m long and 1.36 m wide. The base price is announced at €22,900 in electric. But there is also a cheaper petrol version.

Yoyo XEV

Just tested by Maxime Fontanier, the XEV Yoyo will be present at Porte de Versailles, hall 4. A small Italian city car, but produced in China. It is characterized by its battery change system, currently available mainly at ENI stations in Italy. Although it is only a quad (L7e), it looks like a very modern small city car, and it is well equipped: air conditioning, hands-free access, touch screen (optional), panoramic roof, 4 disc brakes, connected services… The base price is indicates €15,890. Far from the 8,000 euros planned at the beginning of the project…

And cars without license plates!

Of course, the French specialty of cars without a license is represented. A VSP Space is present in Hall 3 and in Hall 4 Aixam Mega has its own stand.

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