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Progressive retirement: amount, date, procedures… everything you need to know!

So what pension reform shakes public debate in France, a device remains little known by citizens. This is phased retirement. Accessible Under some conditions, allows employees to gradually leave their jobs. Therefore, it represents a great opportunity, to a good end to your career. For you, the Once Upon a Pub team has covered the question. How does staggered retirement work? What advantages and disadvantages does it imply? ? We take stock!

Am I affected by this device?

of our days, raise the retirement age is still very fashionable, especially within our Government. And for good reason: France sees its average age increase every year. Thus, the number of workers is decreasing, but many pensions have to be paid to the oldest. At the head of the State, Emmanuel Macron, therefore, sees the reform of our system as a necessity. But have you ever thought about staggered retirement ?

With age, fatigue sometimes appears. After Youlong run, We can rely on solid experience. However, it is also necessary to compose in worse health. Also, for some, stopping work overnight can have negative effects on the moral. Therefore, progressive retirement seems to be an interesting commitment for employees at the end of their career. Consists in adjust working hours (between 80 and 40% of a full-time job). to the program? A career that continues, and a pension of retired partially paid.

Of course, this pension plan can only be granted in compliance certain criteria. Also, to qualify, you must have 60 years or older. And you must have contributed at least 150 quarters. To get staggered retirement, you must also have the agreement of your employer. Furthermore, this system refers only to private sector employees. If you exercise a liberal profession or as a civil servant, you will not be able to benefit from it.

Namely : If you have stopped working to take care of your children, you should know that this entitles you to a room (up to 4 terms per child).

Staggered retirement: a win-win solution in the world of work

Nothing forces your hierarchy to accept your request. However, she might like gradual retirement. In fact, this option allows retain senior employees, and find a successor in the best conditions. In fact, instead of having to replace an employee who has retired, the employer may have time to recruit your successor.

Better yet, when a newcomer joins the team, they’ll have the opportunity to pass on their knowledge and experience. Therefore, gradual retirement can benefit your colleagues. Avoid abrupt situations loss of information. Obviously, it allows you to make a quality delivery with your collaborators.

On the employee side, staggered means of retirement, of course, more free time and rest. From a certain age, the part-time work that goes with it can become very comfortable. Finally, you keep the same missions, the same work environment. This device prevents break with your professional life overnight.

How does it work ?

If you meet the criteria, phased retirement results in a reduction in your working time. For example, you can spend 35 to 28 hours per week. Of course, your salary will not stay the same. Their remuneration will correspond to the hours you work in the business.

On the other hand, in addition, you will receive a “partial” retirement. The amount of this pension may vary depending on the legal duration of your previous employment contract. But an example is worth a thousand words.
Also, if he only works 40%, he would receive the corresponding salary. But you can receive, at the same time, 60% of your pension. Clearly, progressive retirement works like a hybrid state. You are still an employee. But you are already becoming a pensioner, little by little.

Gradual retirement: the steps to follow

This system is still managed by theRetirement insurance of the general social security system. Therefore, you must submit a request to the organism for what you have contributed. Depending on your background, it could be the MSA, the SSI, or the liberal professions scheme.

before submitting your request for phased retirementCheck your rooms carefully. You must be able to justify 150 quarters of contributions. once you have everything required documents, you can carry out your procedures online, or go to the counter of the entity in charge of your pension. However, if you benefit from a supplementary pension scheme (AGIRC-ARRCO or Ircantec), you must present a specific request with these structures.

The main drawback of phased retirement remains the administrative. In fact, it requires filling out forms and getting involved in the process. And that will not exempt you from doing the same when you take your retirement at 100%. This detail should not be overlooked.

Can the amount of my pension be reduced after this election?

Nope ! not to be confused early retirement and staggered retirement. It is true that his working time decreases and he receives part of his pension before he is 62 or 65 years old. However, she continues to contribute each month to your future income.

Also, don’t think that staggered retirement will lead to a lower pension. On the contrary, it allowsget additional rights.

Finally know thata return is always possible. If you find that you want to go back to your full-time job, there’s no stopping you. All you need is your employer’s agreement to reinstate your old contract. In this case, remember to contact the CARSAT. The organization will take note of your decision, and will cancel your progressive retirement. This is not too risky a bet. And yet, today, this system remains unknown. Therefore, concerns about staggered retirement less than 2% of retirees in France.

for some the end of the race seems like a dream, to others it may seem terrifying. In any case, know thatthere is no law that prevents you from working after 60 or even 80.

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