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Inflation bonus: here’s who will get paid at the end of the week

The government has established the inflation bonus for the French who receive less than 2,000 euros net per month. The latter can be employees, service providers, retirees or self-employed. This compensation of 100 euros is an aid to support your purchasing power. Families can receive an additional 50 euros per dependent child.

Will retirees receive the inflation bonus?

The inflation bonus or exceptional back-to-school bonus is intended for the most needy French. The first payment took place last September. The beneficiaries of the social minimums were able to take advantage of this first wave of payments.

Scholars were able to receive the inflation bonus on September 15. Those who receive the specific solidarity allowance (ASS) could also benefit. The second payment of the exceptional back-to-school bonus will be made this Saturday, October 15.

This will affect retirees. To benefit from it, they must be beneficiaries of the minimum old age (Asp). The reception of the bank transfer could experience a few days of delay. This delay will depend on the processing time of the bank’s operations.

The third and last payment of the inflation bonus is scheduled for November 2022. It is the beneficiaries of the activity bonus who they will receive their compensation for inflation.

What agency pays the inflation bonus?

The government has not yet determined which organization will pay the exceptional back-to-school bonus. However, the payment of the first inflation bonus at the beginning of the year could give an idea. As a reminder, nearly 38 million French they were able to take advantage of this government aid.

According to the organizations that granted them, the CAF was in charge of paying the premium to the beneficiaries of the social minimums. Job seekers perceived it coming from Pôle Emploi. the state paid the inflation bonus to public servants while employees received it from their employer.

The CROUS has granted the inflation bonus to scholarship students. For retirees, it is the National Insurance Fund (CNAV) that will make the payment this Saturday. The inflation bonus is good, because many French people are struggling to cope with the effect of inflation that reached 5.6% this year.

There is no procedure to follow to receive the inflation bonus. The payment is made automatically without the beneficiary having to do anything. The Back to School Exceptional Bonus and the Back to School Bonus are two different financial aids.

The inflation bond of 200 euros

The amount of the inflation bonus is 100 euros, but it is possible that some households receive 200 euros. The basic inflation premium increases by 50 euros for each additional dependent child. A household with 2 dependent children can receive an exceptional back-to-school bonus of 200 euros.

Recipients of the activity bonus will not receive the same amount as others. For payment in November, the premium will be 24 euros and 14 euros more per dependent child. CAF would wait for a decree to validate this amount before paying this bonus.

For information, the activity voucher has met a revaluation of 4%. This is also the case of active solidarity income. The beneficiaries of the latter still received an inflation bonus of 100 euros on September 15.

The Shared Value Bonus

In addition to the inflation bonus, the government wants to help employees with the shared value bonus. The Shared Value Bonus where PPV is the new aid that replaces the Macron bonus. Thanks to PPV, companies can pay a bonus to their employees.

Please note that financial aid totally depends on the choice of the employer. There is no law that requires you to pay employees. The PPD came into force in July 2022 and will end in December 2023.

The value sharing premium is exempt from taxes and any social contribution. It is possible to receive the shared value bonus quarterly or all at once. DPP cannot be used as a salary substitution or any kind of remuneration.

What is the amount of PPV?

Macron’s bonus ceilings have tripled. The amount is not the same for all companies. the roof is from 1,000 to 3,000 euros for public and private companies. it can go from 2,000 to 6,000 euros for companies that have signed a profit-sharing agreement.

The triple ceiling also applies to companies that do not have more than 50 employees. An employee may receives a PPV of 8,000 euros. This sum is the combination of the latest Macron bonus and the shared value bonus.

This is possible if the employer donated 2,000 euros in the first trimester. With a PPV of 6,000 euros in August, the employee would therefore have received a bonus of 8,000 euros. The exemption is not valid in the PPV if the worker earns more than 3 times the SMIC.

Annual income must be less than 20,147.40 euros. In 2024, the PPV income tax exemption may be eliminated.

Who can benefit from the shared value bonus?

The value participation bonus applies to private law companies, associations and unions. Employers in public industrial and commercial establishments you can also give PPV to your employees.

Employees in public administrative establishments could also benefit from it. Labor assistance establishments and services can also pay for it. All employees can benefit from the PPV if the employer so wishes.

Temporary workers and civil servants can receive a shared value bonus. Macron’s new bonus may also affect employees with disabilities. they just have to respect the tax exemption limit.

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