Why are Noz clearance stores closing one by one in France?

Why are Noz clearance stores closing one by one in France?

The Noz sign on Avenue Georges Durand in Le Mans has been closed since September 3.
The pioneer of French liquidation stores continues to close. (Illustration ©Maxime DAVOUST/Actu Le Mans)

nowThe chain of clearance stores (food, textiles, the world of the home, the person, leisure, decoration, etc.) is in crisis. The stores have been lowering the curtain, one after another, since the beginning of September.

About twenty stores have already closed. At a minimum. The brand mentions on social networks 24 closures in recent weeks, in more than 300 stores in France. But there are more than thirty in total since the beginning of the year.

The one in Gonfreville-l’Orcher (Seine-Maritime) opened in October 2018, the one in Flers (Orne), open since 2015, and “which employed a team of five people”, explains The fight ringfrom Château-Gontier in Mayenne, from Forbach and Woippy in Moselle, from Le Mans and La Ferté-Bernard in Sarthe, from Comines, near Lille (North), from Lempdes (Puy-de-Dôme) from Saint-Brieuc, in the Cotes d’Armor…

End of series, judicial settlements, claims…

“100% torn, end of series, disasters”, reads the slogan of Noz. Those who like to discover the bargain know. The low-cost settlement specialist fills its stores thanks to end of series, order cancellations, but also with products from court settlements, transport claims or disputes and DLUO shorts (best before date) for food products.

What are the reasons for these serial closures? The communication department of Noz, whose headquarters are in Mayenne, in Saint-Berthevin, responds that the franchise does not give interviews. Only the explanation of Fabrice Chagot, director, given on a loop since the beginning of September, echoed by our newsroom. Mayenne Messenger :

“These closures continue a drop in turnover of these stores for several months. Unfortunately, in the current economic climate, we know supply difficulties at central purchasing level. Since merchandise arrives in a pushed flow, we can no longer properly supply certain stores. Despite the various actions carried out, the results are not there for these stores”

So Noz decided to stop the charges in many places. If Fabrice Chagot wants to be positive, stating that “everything is done so that the purchasing center stocks up on good offers, to guarantee our customers Noz stores full of finds and cheaper products than elsewhere”, the situation is worrying. And the closures may well continue.

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However, Noz is still recruiting…

Despite the crisis, Noz… is recruiting. The purchasing centers based on the Saint-Berthevin (Mayenne) campus continue to hire, “to strengthen the purchasing teams”, explains the franchise. “We have dozens of open positions to fill in the commercial field, explains Emmanuel Anet, head of recruitment. After a phase of introducing the profession through a webinar, motivated candidates are invited to a discovery day on campus, for interviews and tests. The positions are open to all profiles, and the hiring is done without looking at their CV: the tests allow us to identify the commercial aptitudes of the candidates, and if the motivation is there, we propose the people selected to integrate our course. . . They benefit from dedicated training, provided by in-store trainers, and support over several weeks, leading to a sales position in the destocking at the end.”
Interested candidates can register on the dedicated website: www.deveneznegociateurnoz.fr

Action and B&M Competition

For Olivier Dauvers, a journalist and editor specializing in mass distribution, the problem is broader and is that of a “liquidation market trapped in a vice”.

Like all resellers, Noz only lives because certain products are not sold elsewhere. This is the very principle of destocking, whether it is a commercial product failure, non-compliance or overproduction. Problem: The destocking market is caught in a vice. On the one hand, vacancies have multiplied in the last ten years; and, on the other hand, manufacturers are organizing themselves a little better every day to limit the use of destocking. Result: even if there are customers at the door, the products are missing.

olivier daubersJournalist and editor specialized in retail

And yes, the competition is fierce. Noz is up against the Dutch chain Action, which already has around 700 stores in France (and which has also opted for a purchasing strategy that favors acquisitions based on opportunities, such as excess stocks, bankrupt corporate goods or unsold items) but also UK-based B&M, which bought discounter Babou in the fall of 2018 and adopted a new business model that includes an expanded product offering.

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