A drop in the quality of the French localization of Blizzard games?

A drop in the quality of the French localization of Blizzard games?

We are currently experiencing a fairly intense release phase on the Blizzard side. Several important titles are already available, such as surveillance 2 since last week, and more are fast approaching, like dragon flight Where Devil IV. An ideal time to return to the French location of the latter, whose quality has unfortunately declined in recent years.

Note that the examples cited below are not exhaustive, many other errors can be found. Here I have decided to highlight some recent and relatively problematic cases.

Differentiate between locations

Whether it is ‘Social Media’, ‘Web’ or ‘In-Game’ localization, various errors are regularly visible. More frequent and less annoying in the first two cases, the third is however more annoying. A poorly converted timetable in a French article has less of an impact than a mistranslated keyword in-game. The mention of Mêlée solo instead of Brassage solo in the official articles might be embarrassing to understand, but it’s not dramatic.

Among the examples that will be mentioned here, it is also important to note that these are issues raised only in the French version. Although the errors are also produced in the other European languages, like the German, the Spanish or the Italian, celles-ci sont généralement moins fréquentes qu’en version française, où nous pouvons verify une baisse de qualité accrue depuis some months. In fact, although regular in recent years, they have increased considerably since the beginning of 2022.

A typical example with the Battle.net app

The Battle.net app has had a completely redesigned client since 2021. This offers a complete overhaul of the previous version, more modern and more functional, although certain elements that also made it attractive have been discarded, such as the illustrations that highlight the new content. .

However, the latter retains a bug present since its Beta at the end of 2019, by removing a previously favorite game. A concern that we will find quite similarly a little further down.

What about the games?

Here we attack the main axis of the problem. If the concerns mentioned so far can be considered secondary, taking place outside of the games themselves, the few examples listed below can be a source of confusion for gamers, and are far from the only ones currently present across the board. the different titles.


Apart from some minor translation errors or typographical errors, the latest extension of world of warcraft has more problematic examples for understanding.

During one of the first quests in Zereth Mortis, ‘The Way Forward’, you will be asked to take the transporter to the Haven. This is a basic mistranslation, The Way Forward using the term ‘take’, here to be translated as ‘take’. He is simply given the option to use this means of travel to reach the Enlightened camp.

We can also raise the case of the achievements Reconstruction, Alleviated Scarcity and Superiority of the sanctuaries, added via hotfix at the beginning of the extension and without ever having had a correct translation. In effect, the latter require progression of the ranks of all four pact buffs, and not all four pact buffs, which was much more complicated at the time. Here again, a misunderstanding of the original text.

Brief mention of the subtitles used in cut-scenes and in-game cinematics, which now differ much more frequently than before from dialogue. A very present problem in the field of video games and even cinema, but historically it was quite rare in Blizzard.

dragon flight

dragon flight revives old recurring errors present in the interface. These are found in particular in the Reputation tab, which once again incorrectly translates the name of the extension. Some may remember the Beta of Warlords of Draenor and he is famous Warlords of Draenor. Those terms that should be left as they are, as is the case in the Dungeon Codex, are not always.

The same in the Quests of Achievements category, which also features a risky translation of the name of the extension.

More problematic than Shadowlands for certain subcategories of shadowlandshere are two different terms that take the place of dragon flight. A detail for some, but that will not escape others. For me, it’s the kind of thing that I instantly notice and adds to an already long list.


In recent years, Hearthstone I regularly had problems with translations. I will return here to some recent examples. With the latest expansion, Murder at Nathria Castlethe developers have highlighted several iconic locations and spells from shadowlands, with Revendreth and Covenant abilities. Problem in the French version, most of which I reported directly to some developers during the revelations, the latter do not respect the translation used for world of warcraft.

Where Deathborne correctly translates to Deathbringer, Conqueror’s Banner becomes Banner of Conquest instead of Conqueror’s Banner. The same goes for locations, where Nightcloak Sanctum becomes Nightcloak Sanctum instead of Nightveil Sanctum. These are just examples, this problem affects about half of the cases.

More annoying, keyword errors. Less regular but very problematic. With the miniset from the expansion, Antre hors des lois, the French version ofHearthstone prides itself on being unique in the world with the Deathrattle keyword converted to Battlecry on the Dependent Medium Priest card.

However, some of the reported errors have been corrected, such as Stewart, the butler fortunately turned into Régis, the manager in French, and the nervous librarian, nervous librarian and not a librarian, as originally translated.

Here we can also notice a difference between certain texts and dialogues, such as during some chapters of the Book of Heroes or various Tasks of the Mercenaries mode.


with the launch ofsurveillance 2 and the redesign of the interface, I hoped that some translation error would disappear. Present since 2021 with patch 1.64 and the redesign of the custom games menu, the Favorites mention becomes Favorite Contacts for no reason in the French version. A strictly similar case to the aforementioned Battle.net app.

Additionally, the second opus also brings its share of new bugs, such as Battle Pass instead of Battle Pass during the endgame screen, the term Challenges not translated to Challenges in the main menu, or the text of some of them, requesting the completion of games in Flex instead of victories.

The order of terms for the different cosmetic customizations is also added. In fact, while ‘Legendary Skin’ and ‘Epic Emote’ work perfectly in English, ‘Légendaire Modèle’ and ‘Épique Emote’ don’t work in French. This issue exists in the Hero Gallery and Battle Pass.

As a result of Blizzard’s efforts to include French localization of titles over the last few months, the term Hero has been replaced by Characters in various menu locations, creating inconsistencies with the previous version. The Gallery of Heroes has not changed its name, but it was called the Gallery of Characters very recently. Similarly, Mystery Hero mode has changed to Mystery Characters, except when queuing.

Due to this change, the French version of some titles is quite unusual, such as Caractère impitoyable. Others have simply been translated without context, such as Fidelity or Metamorphism.

immortal devil

Newcomer to the Blizzard universe, immortal devil it is not far behind on the localization side with many problematic elements. One of the main ones, the cosmetic set available during Season 3 of the Battle Pass. Aspect of Justice, an obvious homage to Tyraël, has become Sens de la Justice in French, which doesn’t really make sense.

We should also point out a glaring difficulty in differentiating between the singular and the plural that translators in charge of the mobile title seem to face, particularly during the various temporal events, whose end tenses are not always transcribed correctly.

And sometimes, elements always in English…

Also new this year is the presence of non-translated elements. Some of you have probably noticed some on the side of immortal devilbut also more recently on the side ofsurveillance 2. Being usually texts, the FPS also has dialogues without dubbing in our language.

If this can sometimes be understood, like with the arrival of Echo in 2020 and concerns related to COVID, or Torbjörn whose voice may not have been replaced yet after the Death of Joseph Luccioniother heroes and heroines currently have various English interactions in play, such as Kiriko, Sigma, or Orisa.


Today, with mistrust and apprehension, I release the French version of a Blizzard title. These translation errors have become more and more frequent in recent years and this is one of the points that worries me the most today. Malheureusement, due to the current situation, the fermeture of Blizzard Versailles et des people s’occupant désormais de la localisation, je n’ai que peu d’optimisme en ce qui que concerninge une éventuelle amélioration de la situation, malgré many appels de my part.

This article serves as a summary of the most recent cases and highlights a growing issue that may still go unnoticed by most players. Devil IV it will be available in a few months and this new localization period will not be without identical problems. Then comes the survival game, which probably won’t be as big in terms of translations needed, but will add to the rest.

We love the Blizzard licenses, we’ve followed them for many years, and we will continue to do so for as long as possible. However, I find a course correction essential in this area, so that the next titles approach excellence, and this in all languages, not only in the original. Let’s avoid a forced switch to the English version for an optimal experience. We have excellent voice actors. Translators, the ball is in your court.

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