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A gas supplier threatens to increase the bills by a hundred euros!

The situation is critical. Due to the conflict situation in Europe, the price of gas has skyrocketed. It is not only households that suffer this price increase. Gas suppliers are the first victims, because they are the ones who buy high priced gasoline in the international market.

In addition, the provider Gaz Européen, a subsidiary of Butagaz, can no longer contain the cost under the fixed price rule. The latter has warned its customers that this winter a surcharge will be applied at market price for high consumption. A decision that the CLCV does not love. The association has given formal notice to Gaz Européen.

complicated situations

According to figures published by INSEE, inflation in September was 5.6% in one year. The National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies published on its official website on September 1, 2022:

“Between the second quarter of 2021 and the second quarter of 2022, the price of gas for households increased by 37.6%. It would have increased by 105.0% had the price shield not been put in place. »

This 37.6% increase is due to the level of the tariff shield at 4%. For next year, the limit will increase to 15%. For energy providers, certain fees you do not have access to this limitation. The fixed tariff of the European gas supplier is not entitled to this.

The different prices of gasoline

In France, there are 4 gas price rates. According to our colleagues at Le Monde, in an article on Saturday, October 29, 2022, since the opening to competition in 2007, consumers you can choose from the offers :

  • At a rate regulated by public authorities: reviewed every month based, in particular, on extraction and transport costs
  • Free rate indexed to regulated rates: reviewed monthly
  • Free rate indexed to the wholesale market: revised monthly, quarterly or semi-annually, depending on the contract;
  • Free fixed price: valid between one and four years, depending on the contract.

From the inflation, more specifically in the contracts concluded from September 1, the tariff shield will be applied. Thus, all prices are reviewed every month. You can benefit. This refers to the top 3 on the aforementioned list. As for the latter, that is, the free fixed-rate contract, it is a bit complicated. There are only contract renewals between one and four years. Providers Can the terms of the contract change on the way??

Consumers will benefit. The price is set on the basis of last year’s gas price. However, as we have just seen, inflation is 105% compared to 2021. Who will pay the difference? Can providers change contracts? The European gas supplier decided to increase the fixed price per megawatt hour.

European gas supplier wants to raise prices

Given the complexity of the situation, the provider Gaz Européen provided by mail to your customers . If the consumption of the latter increased this year, compared to the previous one, the prices provided in the contract would be revised upwards.

The surplus made will no longer be charged at the established priceIn the contract. Currently, this fixed value is €32.72 per megawatt hour (MWh). The overinvoicing that the provider Gaz Européen, a subsidiary of Butagaz, tries to implement, will be invoiced at the current market price.

An inflationary price to more than 100%! then the account could increase by one hundred euros. It is to this decision that the consumer association CLCV points.

The CLCV association issues a statement to the European Gas supplier

This Thursday, October 27, 2022, the CLCV consumer association announces formal notice from Gaz Européen on Capital . The association highlights that the victims are the 500,000 clients, mostly condominium and social owners. They are the first victims, because since 2016, can no longer benefit from the regulated tariffgasoline sales

According to the consumer association, what the supplier Gaz Européen fact is a breach of contract. Here are his own words.

“When you sell at a fixed price, it is true that you are never sure of the volumes that you are going to have to supply. This danger is reinforced by the weather effect, which influences the amount of gas consumed. But we believe that the provider made his choice when signing the contract: he could have chosen a perfectly safe or less risky position. In any case, there is no need to transfer this risk to the end customer”, analyzes François Carlier, general delegate of the CLCV, in the columns of Capital.

Butagaz’s response

The supplier did not dispute the fact thatthey sent emails to some of their clients. The messenger explains the difficult market situation that suppliers have been facing for several months. No one predicted such an increase in energy prices.

In the words of the provider himself reported by Money Vox on October 27, 2022:

“Through the summer of 2021, market prices were generally stable. However, we are currently going through a period in which extraordinary variations in the price of natural gas and electricity have a direct impact on the balance of certain contracts that link us to our customers. »

The European gas supplier also explains thatdid not increase the fixed price rate. This overbilling is considered as a possible price supplement if certain conditions are met. Management also adds that if all households applied the sobriety instructions, there would be no increase. This is precisely why messengers are addressed to a certain household .

After declaring that the supplier is committed to providing the best support and remains attentive to its clients, Butagaz declared:

“In addition, we have carefully read the letter from the consumer defense association CLCV sent to Gaz Européen, to which we are preparing a detailed response. »

A problem that affects several energy providers

Reported by Le Monde on October 27, 2022, the donors Paris Habitat and Seine-Saint-Denis Habitat they also fail to renew their contractselectricity under favorable conditions. For the contract change case, CLCV has sued four electricity companies since the beginning of the energy crisis.

Two collective actions are initiated against Cdiscount Energie and GreenYellow. All this proves that energy inflation not a burden just for households. Energy providers, including provider Gaz Européen, are also in difficulty. Therefore, apply the attitude of energetic sobriety.

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